15 Unique Crafts That Use Your Instagrams

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15 Fun Crafts That Use Your InstagramsI’m starting a new campaign in 2014 – it’s called “Get Your Instagrams Off Of Your Phone.” Actually it should be called get my Instagrams off of my iPhone, because that’s what I want to accomplish this year. I don’t know about you, but I use this app all the time, and I don’t do enough with the photos. They just sit out there in “the cloud” (whatever that is). I wanted to inspire you and inspire myself with this collection of Instagram crafts. I hope you’ll join me in getting your Instagrams off of your phone this year. These 12 crafts are the perfect way to do it. Just click through the slideshow to see them!


Instagram Calendar

Pick your favorite 12 images from the year and use a $1 find to make your own personalized calendar.

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