Make a Glittery Snowflake Christmas Ornament

Emerald extreme glitter snowflake ornamentOne of my favorite activities during the holidays – making ornaments! I really love it. Quick with immediate results, and that is my kind of project. If you want to make multiples, this is a really budget friendly idea. Great for your own tree, but also great to give to others. You have several gifts for neighbors, friends, church buddies, teachers, co-workers and even the mailman to come up with, right? Well, The more of these you make, the less expensive they are, and the glitter goes a long way. Here’s how to make this sparkly Christmas ornament.


  • Pack of glass ornaments (mine was $4 with three in there, so $1.33 per ornament)
  • FolkArt Extreme Glitter  – Emerald ($2, and it does about six ornaments)
  • FolkArt Enamels Paint – Wicker White ($2, will do as many of these as you can make)
  • Snowflake Stencil – I’ve provided the artwork
  • Spouncers or paintbrush
  • Red Rhinestones (I got mine for $1 in “those bins” at Michaels)
  • Ribbon
  • Styrofoam or paper cup

IMG_3270Here are the ornaments that I used – I LOVE the square shape. I got these from Hobby Lobby, but just about every craft store in the world has glass ornaments. They go so fast, too. I should start selling them out of the back of my trunk!

IMG_3271Remove the top of the ornament and set aside. Stick the ornament into a cup to hold it. Squeeze Extreme Glitter into the ornament. Here’s some advice for you – DO NOT empty the whole bottle into the ornament, because you’ll be wasting. My technique is to squeeze some in, shake around to see how well it covers the inside of the ornament, and then to squeeze more if I need to. The goal is to cover the inside of the ornament while using the least amount of precious glitter paint possible. Again – squeeze a little paint in, shake, squeeze a little more in. Tilting to one side or another helps coverage as well. Repeat until the ornament is completely coated on the inside.

IMG_3272It looks kind of cloudy while drying, but that’s okay. It dries clear. Turn the ornament over into the cup so that any excess can drain into the cup and not onto your beautiful coffee table. Before I do this, I typically bang the ornament lightly on the inside of my kitchen trash can – watch for flying glitter at your own risk! Tap lightly so you don’t break the ornament, and this will help get excess glitter out of there. Leave the ornament to drain overnight. Once the ornament is drained, keep it in this position but put it in a warm, dry place to dry. I’m telling you – if you keep it somewhere cold and humid, it will take over a week to dry. My area was unfortunately cold so it took about three days. But you don’t have to worry about your ornaments while they are drying. Keep checking on them, and just have patience. You should definitely do several of them at one time for this reason.

IMG_3296I have an old sticky stencil that I used on the front. You have several options here – you can paint freehand snowflakes (the end of your paintbrush will make great polka dots), you can cut vinyl on a die cutting machine and make a similar stencil, or you can download this artwork that I’ve provided for you. I’m actually giving you the entire sheet of stencils that this one came with. Play with them as you wish: Jack Frost Stencil

IMG_3297Use your spouncers (or a paintbrush) and the white Enamels paint to stencil directly onto the ornament. Enamels paint dries quickly but takes a long time to cure. Read the complete instructions on the packaging. You can handle it, just don’t be rough.

IMG_3319Add the rhinestones. Mine were self-adhesive so I didn’t NEED glue, but I wanted a little extra security. I then tied ribbon onto the top of the ornament. Done and done. If I only made three, I would have a total cost of $1.33 (ornament) + $1.30 (paints) + $.33 (rhinestones) = $2.96 per ornament. I recommend doing more than that though – the cost goes down with each ornament you make, and the glitter is BEAUTIFUL when dry. You aren’t going to believe how awesome it looks against Christmas lights!

Emerald extreme glitter snowflake ornamentAre you making any Christmas ornaments this year?

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