15 DIY Pantry Organization Projects to Start Today

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15 DIY Pantry Organization Projects to Start TodayI was just looking at my food cabinets and realize we have a major problem. And by “we” I mean “me.” The cabinets are messy and I have several cans of chicken stock and packages of bread crumbs . . . because I can’t see what I have, so I buy new. New food items, cleaners and other supplies that I don’t need. Rather than stocking up constantly, I’d love to get some pantry organization going ASAP. A lot of times it’s not about having more space, but using the space you have well. If you agree, then you’ll love these 15 DIY projects for organizing your pantry. There are a lot of tips and tricks in this slideshow to getting the most of your space. Check it out below!


Lazy Susan

Add a lazy susan to the pantry to help you see what you have in one quick spin.

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