DIY Fashion For Valentine’s: 20+ Sweet Projects

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The ultimate list - 20+ sweet Valentine's Day DIY fashion projects!If you had asked me about Valentine’s Day fashion about a week ago, I would have held up two fingers in an “X.” But then I heard a news story about Drew Barrymore’s recent book release called “Find It in Everything.” Drew has always loved hearts and finds them in everything, including nature, hence the title of the book. That got me thinking about hearts in fashion, which led me to Valentine’s Day fashion. And that’s how we arrived here! It turns out there are some great DIY fashion ideas for V-Day, from accessories to clothing. I’ve found more than 20 that I absolutely love! I think you’ll be impressed too . . . just click through the slideshow below to see them.


Studded Hearts

Have you ever used iron on studs? Me neither! You can decorate a simple sweatshirt for Valentine’s Day in a jiffy.

Find the step-by-step at Henry Happened

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