Make a Winter Centerpiece Using Glass Paint

Make a winter centerpiece with glass paintDoes anyone have any ornaments left over from Christmas? I actually had a few packages of silver mini ornaments that I never used, and I thought, “well, these are a great color for winter!” Then I realized that I had a glass container that I could put the ornaments in – one that I had bought from the craft store this past fall because I liked the shape. Put those together with some glass paint and $1 stickers and you have this winter centerpiece! You can use this on the table as a display, or add to a table or mantel for a winter decoration. It was really fun and actually quick to make, minus the dry time. Here’s how I did it.

Gather These Supplies

  • Glass container from the craft store
  • Martha Stewart Glass Paint – Sterling (Metallic Opaque), Surf (Frost Translucent)
  • $1 scalloped stickers
  • Spouncer
  • Paintbrush
  • Ornaments or something else to use as fill

IMG_2876Start by washing the glass with soap and then letting it dry completely. Paint the base with your metallic silver glass paint. This is going to take several coats, and you need to allow for dry time in between layers. But that’s okay, just work on some other projects in between!

IMG_2921This was kind of a fun touch that I didn’t anticipate. I had some $1 stickers that I had bought from the Target dollar spot, and I liked them for making a pattern on the glass. Here’s a tip for using stickers with your glass paint: make sure the stickers remove from the glass easily! You don’t want really sticky stickers because you need be able to remove them quickly once you’ve painted.

IMG_2922Once you’ve made sure that the stickers are going to work, put them all around the glass vase. Then use the spouncer to apply glass paint. I went around once, then I went around the vase a second time.

IMG_2923Before the glass paint dries, remove the stickers. My stickers started peeling up (so handy!) . . . but you can also use a straight pin or tweezers to help you. Be very careful not to disturb the paint! Then let all of the paint dry.

IMG_2924Here are the ornaments I used as filler . . . but you can use anything left over from Christmas, really!

Make a winter centerpiece using glass paintHere’s the finished product. The glass paint dries darker than when you applied it, but that’s good. I love my new decoration! I can keep it out until way past winter – ha!


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