15 Awesome DIY Yardstick Projects

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15 Awesome DIY Yardstick ProjectsI love yardsticks, and I think I know the reason why. My mom was a teacher, and forced me to go to those teacher supply stores before each semester started. My brothers and I would grab yardsticks and start sword fights, but they never lasted too long because my mom didn’t let us get away with that kind of stuff! Just another part of some good childhood memories, I guess. But besides that, I really do love the projects that people are doing with both new and vintage yardsticks alike. They are really beautiful! If you are interested in some DIY yardstick projects, check out the 15 ideas of your own. I can’t decide which one I’d try first . . . how about you?


Coat Rack

Make this vintage inspired coat rack using five yardsticks and metal hooks.

Find out how to do it at Better Homes & Gardens

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  1. What a cool and unique idea, as a vertically challenged individual, I love the footstool idea! Thanks!

    Elyse Ashley

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