Beginner Crafts: 20+ DIY Coasters

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Beginner Crafts 20+ DIY CoastersWhen I learned to knit at age 15, I started with a scarf. Coasters, to me, are the scarf of the crafting world – if you’re just getting started, this is perfect place to begin. They are easy, small . . . quick. You can buy tiles from Home Depot and have them decoupaged in minutes, or you can glue pom poms to cork and be done with it. You can also practice many techniques: sewing, painting, weaving, crochet and more. If you want some DIY coasters, look no further – I’ve put together a collection of over 20 ideas to get you started. You’ll be a crafting expert in no time. Just click through the slideshow to see them!

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  1. Jane says

    What am i missing? i don’t see a way to look at the slide show. i only see the link for the mardi gras beads.

      • Sally says

        There are no blue arrows to get to the slide show from on my desktop either. Nor on my iPhone. There are arrows for your previous and next blog post though! Thanks for the Amigurumi Patterns! On that page, I do see the blue arrows. No arrows like that here.


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