Don’t Blink: 16 Unique Doctor Who Crafts

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Don't Blink: 16 Unique Doctor Who CraftsYears ago, in my early 20s, I had a boyfriend that loved Doctor Who. I’d watch it faithfully with him, but wasn’t sure if I liked it. I was young and hadn’t fully embraced my nerdom, even though I had been a Star Wars fan my entire life. Now that I’m a little bit older and there’s so much DW buzz going on, I’m going to try watching again. And as with any series I watch, I check out the crafts when I’m getting into a series (not normal, I know). I just like to be inspired and actually come up with my own ideas as I watch! If you already love Doctor Who crafts or are just getting involved in the show, this roundup is for you. Click through the slideshow below to see my picks.

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