Fun Pom Pom and Ric Rac DIY Bracelets

Fun Pom Pom and Ric Rac DIY BraceletsI LOVE decorating bangle bracelets! There are so many reasons: they are easy to make, quick to complete, and they make great gifts. I feel like I have such large collection of DIY bracelets, but it’s fun . . . I always have something to wear with every outfit! Another thing I love about making bracelets is that they are perfect for beginning crafters or people that have been creating for awhile. Can’t wait to decorate wood bangles? Learn how to do it below!

Gather These Supplies

IMG_2916First you’ll want to pick your color palettes. I start with the trim I want to use and then go from there. I LOVE the site Design Seeds to help me put colors together.

Paint your bracelets with several coats of paint I always start on the insides.

IMG_2915I also do contrasting colors on the inside of the bracelets, just because it’s kind of fun. People can’t see it, but you know it’s there, right?

IMG_2914Paint the inside groves with a fun color. I did a peachy color on the metallic bracelet and a metallic silver on the pom pom bracelet.

IMG_2948Once the bracelets were dry, I simply cut the trim and glued it into the grooves. You might want to use tweezers or something similar to help push the trim in there . . . and you might have to hold it down for a few moments in the craft glue. But when dry they will be fabulous!

Fun Pom Pom and Ric Rac DIY BraceletsHere they are, all finished. Kind of wild and wacky, but I love them. You wouldn’t expect anything else from me, would you?



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