Glitter DIY Mustache Canvas

Glitter DIY Mustache CanvasOkay, I know what you are thinking – why would I want to put a glitter mustache on a canvas? Well, you might not. It’s a little wacky. But if you just want a really unique piece of wall art, this might be right up your alley . . . it’s definitely my style. What happened was that I found this Alexander Henry Where’s My Stache fabric first, and then I found a huge chipboard mustache at Hobby Lobby after that. I knew it was time to let my glitter mustache flag fly. Learn how to make this DIY mustache canvas below. It’s really easy!

PS – I’m going to give you the basic instructions for how to decoupage a canvas, so if you don’t want to make it glitter mustache crazy, you can do your own thing.

Gather These Supplies

IMG_2925First thing’s first! You don’t want to waste fabric, so lay it out over the canvas and trim to fit – but leave a few inches on each side so that you can fold over the edges.

IMG_2926Prepare that piece of fabric with Mod Podge. This means paint it with a medium layer of Mod Podge and let it dry. Why are you doing this? It’s easier to smooth a piece of fabric down onto a canvas without wrinkles if you follow this step first. AND (for other project reference) you can cut it with no fraying.I recommend putting something non-stick underneath, and also using a bit of a bigger brush.

At this time you’ll also want to paint the mustache with a few coats of black paint. Let that dry and paint the Extreme Glitter over the top. And yes, I forgot to take (or can’t find) the photo of this step. Whoops.

IMG_2949At this point you are going to put a boatload of Mod Podge on the front of the canvas and smooth the fabric down on top of it. I always work from left to right – put down Mod Podge, smooth, repeat. Do this until the fabric is all the way across the front. And here’s the key to making the fabric lay flat: turn the canvas over and smooth from the inside using something that rolls, like a brayer. A gift card also works. Let that dry.

IMG_2958Fold the fabric over the edges and trim so that you can fold it over. Add Mod Podge to keep it glued down on the edges, then let dry. Trim the edges with a craft knife.

IMG_2959Once the canvas is all dry, use glue to attach the mustache to the front and let dry.

Make a glitter DIY mustache canvasIsn’t it fabulous? There is certainly a hipster or mustache lover in your life that would appreciate such a meaningful gift. I’m going to be hanging it in my new studio. Woot!



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