20 Fuzzy & Fun Pom-Pom Crafts

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20 Fuzzy & Fun Pom-Pom CraftsI’m a huge sucker for pom-poms. In fact, I have two big bags of them in my craft stash, and I also have a bunch of pom pom trim. I don’t know what it is about them – I just love the colorful fuzziness! The only problem is that besides making a pom-pom monster, I haven’t had any brilliant ideas of what to do with them. And what do you do with a pom-pom monster? Anyhoo, this collection of 20 pom-pom crafts gives me some great inspiration for how to use what I currently have in my stash – and tempts me to buy more. I’m going to force myself to make one of these projects first before I go hog wild and buy more pom-poms. Which one is your favorite? Click through the slideshow to see them!

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