DIY Pencil Holder Using Duck Tape

DIY Pencil Holder Using Duck TapeI did a few Valentine’s Day projects using Duck Tape – and I had some left over. I didn’t have much tape left after my project, and I wanted to use it up. It just so happens that I also have a drawer of wood surfaces ripe for the pickin’ . . . and one of them happened to be a wood heart pencil holder. Add in a little bit of paint (including chalkboard paint) and you have the DIY pencil holder seen above. This method can be used for any skinny/tall wood box to turn it into a pencil holder. It’s so easy, even kids can do it! Learn how to make it below.

Gather These Supplies

IMG_3213Here’s the wood pencil holder I had – I was close to giving it away.

IMG_3214Paint the entire pencil holder with several coats of white paint.

IMG_3224Once that dries, coat just the back of the pencil holder with chalkboard paint. You’ll want to give it about three coats and let it dry.

IMG_3276Decorating the front is about as easy as it gets. Just press the tape on the front, on the diagonal, and overlap as you go.

IMG_3236You can trim on the front or flip over and trim on the back. It’s up to you (whatever is easier). If you can believe it, that’s it!

DIY Pencil Holder Using Duck Tape

DIY Pencil Holder Using Duck Tape You have a pencil holder that you can not only use for – guess it – pencils and pens, but you can also write on the side with chalk. Wonderful, right?


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