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Turquoise Kitchen Accessories You’ll Have to Own

Do you love kitchen accessories? Me too! Here are my favorites – in my favorite color of all time – turquoise! Check out these picks!

Turquoise Kitchen Favorites | DIY Candy

I’m a huge fan of gorgeous kitchen accessories – especially in my very favorite color of all time – turquoise. And the most awesome news? I recently bought a house! It won’t be completely built and ready to go until next fall, but I’m already dreaming about my new kitchen.

I hardly have any room to store things in my current condo, and turquoise would never go . . . but in the new kitchen, I’ll have plenty of storage . . . and turquoise will match perfectly with my color scheme!

Turquoise & Aqua Kitchen Accessories

Are you ready for some amazing turquoise kitchen goodies? Check out my favorite picks below! Not all of them are *perfectly* turquoise based on some definitions, but they are close enough. I love them, and that’s all that matters – I hope you love them too!

Turquoise Big Chill Retro Fridge

This is the mac-daddy of all turquoise kitchen appliances . . . the Big Chill Retro Fridge. Isn’t it amazing? I am seriously in love!

Big Chill Turquoise Stove | 12 Turquoise Kitchen Accessories

While I am still dreaming, I should throw in the Big Chill Retro Stove in Turquoise in, as well. I mean your appliances should match, right?

Aqua Sky Kitchen Aid Artisan Stand Mixer | 12 Turquoise Kitchen Accessories

Before baking the amazing goodies that will go in my fabulous turquoise oven, I’ll mix up the batter in the Aqua Sky Artisan Stand Mixer by Kitchen Aid. Isn’t she beautiful?

Retro Turquoise Bread Box | 12 Turquoise Kitchen Accessories

Every loaf of bread deserves to be stored in a bread bin as beautiful as this one. I love the simple font and handle. Just my style.

Turquoise Digital Convection Oven

Lately I’ve been considering purchasing a tabletop convection oven. This Aqua Sky KitchenAid Convection Oven looks like it would be perfect. After all it bakes, roasts, and looks extremely fine in that beautiful color.

Aqua Sky Mixing Bowls | 12 Turquoise Kitchen Accessories

Thank goodness KitchenAid knew I would be needing a matching set of Aqua Sky mixing bowls. I can picture myself stirring up something delicious right now.

Gourmet Potato Masher | 12 Turquoise Kitchen Accessories

If I get the urge to mash potatoes, I could use this stylish turquoise gourmet potato masher. Everyone should have one of these. It is a great stress reliever!

Turquoise Oven Mitts | 12 Turquoise Kitchen Accessories

This turquoise oven mitt set by MuKitchen at Target is an easy an inexpensive way to add in your turquoise touch to the kitchen.

Turquoise Cambria Canister | 12 Turquoise Kitchen Accessories

Friends: every well stocked kitchen needs a beautiful turquoise cambria canister, commonly referred to as a cookie jar. If you don’t have one on your counter – now is the time.

Vintage Flour Can | 12 Turquoise Kitchen Accessories

In order to make the cookies, you need adequate storage for your flour. This vintage Typhoon large flour canister will work just fine.

American Weigh Digital Kitchen Scale | 12 Turquoise Kitchen Accessories

If you need to weigh something, break out this American Weigh Digital Kitchen Scale in Turquoise. I love a scale that looks pretty that I don’t have to step on myself.

Turquoise Cake Stand | 12 Turquoise Kitchen Accessories

Finally, this is the perfect turquoise cake stand. It is simple and it is my favorite color, which means I adore it.

What are your favorite kitchen accessories and what color do you love them in? Let me know in the comments! I’d also love for you to visit these other great guides I’ve written:

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Luke Yancey

Thursday 17th of November 2016

I didn't know there were any turquoise fridges on the market! I am remodeling my kitchen and am looking for something unique. This definitely fits the criteria. The only problem is that it is a little bit expensive. I guess I am going to be saving up for a little while!