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15 Fantastic Plastic Animal Crafts You’ll Love to Make

If you’ve seen those tiny toy animals at the craft store and aren’t sure what to do with them, check out this collection of plastic animal crafts!

15 Fantastic Plastic Animal CraftsI’ve always loved those bins of plastic animals that I’ve seen at the craft store, but I’ve never known what to do with them. It is maybe a little weird to just buy a bunch and stick them on your shelf to collect dust? I mean, now I know there IS so much more that you can do, ie. plastic animal crafts.

I recently made a box (which you’ll see below) but that is a fraction of what you can make with these cute little toys. Want some great ideas for plastic animal crafts? Scroll down to see more!

Plastic Animal Crafts


Pin Cushion

Add a “saddle” and a pom pom to a plastic animal and you’ll get a fun pin cushion.

Find the step-by-step at Small Good Things


Ring Holders

Little plastic animals with tails make the perfect ring holders – especially when painted gold!

See how they were made at Small Good Things


Head Necklaces

For these cute necklaces you just need one part of the plastic animal – and the rest is easy.

Get the step-by-step at I Love to Create


Dollar Bookends

Jessica turned these plain plastic dollar store frames into cool bookends.

Find out how to do it at Mad in Crafts


Craft Jars

Boring jar storage becomes way more fun when the toppers are painted plastic animals.

Find out how it was done at House to Home


Cup Handles

Turn larger plastic animals into cool handles for budget plastic tumblers.

Find out how it was done at Dollar Store Crafts


Glitter Ornaments

I love the idea of turning plastic animals into Christmas ornaments – you could make an entire themed tree!

Get the instructions at Curblyt


Party Necklaces

Plastic animals get a regal makeover and are turned into fancy necklaces (way less expensive than the original inspiration!).

See how they were made at Flamingo Toes


Painted Pots

Your succulents will thrive in these cool pots made from larger, painted plastic animals.

Learn more at PS by Dila


Place Cards

Use wood dowels to make the base for this cool place card holders.

See how they were made at Momtastic


Glitter Box

Paint and glitterize your plastic animal, then glue it to the top of a colorblock box for a decoration.

Get the instructions at Mod Podge Rocks


Neon Garland

You’ll need a drill to make this party banner, but the impressive results are well worth it.

Note: while the tutorial is no longer available, the garland is easy to make. Simply paint plastic animals the colors of your choice and drill a hole in the top. Add small eye hooks (screw them into the drilled holes) and string up!


Coat Rack

Plastic animal crafts get functional with this unique (and boldly painted!) coat rack.

Get the instructions at Pysselbolaget


Painted Decor

These plastic animals were painted in such stunning color combinations that they make instant conversation pieces.

Learn more at Mark Montano


Push Pins

Smaller animals get a bright coat of neon paint and are added to thumbtacks for instant push pins.

Learn how to do it yourself at A Bubbly Life

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