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15 Unique Crafts That Use Your Instagrams

Don’t let your Instagrams just sit on your phone! Pick one of these unique Instagram crafts to make – you’ll love this collection of 12 ideas.

15 Fun Crafts That Use Your InstagramsI’m starting a new campaign next year – it’s called “Get Your Instagrams Off Of Your Phone.” Actually it should be called get my Instagrams off of my iPhone, because that’s what I want to accomplish this year.

I don’t know about you, but I use this app all the time, and I don’t do enough with the photos. They just sit out there in “the cloud” (whatever that is). I wanted to inspire you and inspire myself with this collection of Instagram crafts.

I hope you’ll join me in getting your Instagrams off of your phone this year. These 12 crafts are the perfect way to do it. Just scroll down to see them!

Instagram Crafts


Instagram Calendar

Pick your favorite 12 images from the year and use a $1 find to make your own personalized calendar.

Get the how-to at A Beautiful Mess


Personalized Pillows

I used photo transfer medium to turn my favorite Instagrams into a mini pillow.

Learn how at Mod Podge Rocks


DIY Instaclock

Use a clock kit and a punch to make a colorful and fun clock on a wood canvas.

Find out how to do it at Land of Nod


Mini Blocks

I love the distressed look of these mini decorative blocks – they would make perfect magnets or charms.

Get the how-to at Intimate Weddings


Photo Frame

I love how Kiddo turned an old, gaudy frame into the perfect wall display for Instagrams.

See how it was done at Goodwillionaire


Cool Coasters

I love how Sarah used bronze tiles to make her Instagram coasters – these are the perfect gift!

Learn how to make them at Yummy Mummy Club


Cookbook Cover

Decoupage your favorite Instagram photos to the outside of a cookbook to dress it up.

Learn how to do it at Crafts By Amanda


Mosaic Clothespins

These clothespins can be used separately or put in a row to create an image.

See how they were made at Postalpix


Hang Tags

You can use these babies for identification or for gifts.

Learn how to do it at Postalpix


Double Sided Pendant

Make a pretty necklace using a square bezel and a camera charm.

Get the tutorial at Oleander and Palm


Wood Block

Display your wood block on a shelf by using your Instagrams and a photo transfer medium.

Find out how to do it at Mod Podge Rocks


Modern Lamp

Use fabric, Instagrams and photo transfer sheets to decorate a modern lamp. It looks so fun lit up!

Get the how-to at My Printly


iPad Cover

Create a photo collage using your Instagrams, then use iron on material to attach to your iPad cover.

Learn how to make it at Lil’ Blue Boo


Sachets & Beanbags

Once you sew these Instagram squares, you can take your pick of filling and turn them into sachets or beanbags.

Find the step-by-step at Lil’ Blue Boo


Mini Canvases

Have you ever wondered what to do with those mini canvases at the craft store? This is the perfect project.

Learn how to make it at Whimseybox

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