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Crafting Surfaces You Should ALWAYS Get Online

Trying to find good crafting surfaces? Look online! You’ll find the most selection and the best budget friendly options. Here are my top picks!

19 Crafting Surfaces You Should Get Online

I’m not an expert in everything. You won’t find me talking about microeconomics (it always bored me in college) or showing you how to split an atom (I’ve always wondered why anyone would want to do that anyway?).

But what I do have a bit of experience in is crafting surfaces. Because I’ve literally shopped for every craft supply at every store in the universe. I can pretty much tell you what to get where and what it’s going to cost you. I know my stuff.

Craft Surfaces I Always Get Online

I buy a lot in brick and mortar stores – don’t get me wrong. But I also buy a lot of crafting surfaces online. Tip #1: I’m a proud Amazon Prime member so I can get the free shipping. You don’t have to be a Prime member to purchase these items, but it’s one of my tips to save money on your crafting surfaces.

Tip #2 is to buy in bulk! For example, I use a lot of mason jars and canvas so I always buy more than one at a time. Are you ready to check out my recommended crafting surfaces to get online? Here they are!

1. 12″ NO-FRAY Burlap Roll


This burlap is sized perfectly to make a table runner or placemats. I can also see it being added to wreaths and other decorative pieces. Or, used in a rustic wedding!

2. Natural Round Blank Wood Slices


These small wood slices are great for painting. Make necklaces charms or keychains . . . magnets . . . coasters . . . and so much more.

3. Blank Stretched Canvas


Get your “art on” with these blank canvases. You can sit down and relax while you pour your creativity into wonderful masterpieces via painting, decoupage, or any other art form you can think of.

4. Cotton Tote Bags


These blank tote bags are begging to be turned into a craft project. I could see them being painted, appliqued, or monogrammed with names, initials, or words to describe what they are used for (groceries, mail, etc).

5. Ball Jars (Mason Jars)


Decorate these ball jars and fill with beautifully scented potpourri! They are also perfect for making candles, food gifts, terrariums, snow globes, and more.

6. Felt Fabric Sheets


I have so many ideas for felt, especially for children. One of my favorites? Cutting out different shapes or food items so they can pretend to be a chef or restaurant owner. The felt is easy to fold, cut, glue or even paint; so the crafting opportunities are endless.

7. Clear Plastic Bath Bomb Molds


Though they say they are for bath bombs, these round plastic balls would be great for DIY Christmas ornaments too! There’s even a loop on them perfect for string or ribbon.

8. Terra Cotta Pots


These flower pots open you up to a variety of craft mediums. You can decorate them with paint, markers, glitter, or other embellishments. Perfect craft surface for kids!

9. Adhesive Crafting Vinyl Sheets


You can use these vinyl sheets with your favorite craft cutter, including Cricut or Silhouette. You can add vinyl decals to a number of mediums, like glassware and signs.

10. Square Pallet Unpainted Wood


There are so many ideas that could be accomplished with this square pallet. You could paint and then add a motivational quote. Or simply create something with your last name and year your family was established!

11. Red Wine Glasses


This set of 12 wine glasses would be perfect for a little etching or glass painting project! You can make personalized glasses for a bride and groom, or inscribe a funny quote about wine on the side.

12. Framed Chalkboard


Grab some chalk markers and have fun creating decorative signs with this chalkboard. You can also paint the wood frame to give it a more customized look.

13. Styrofoam Balls


There are lots of practical and crafty uses for these foam balls. One reviewer mentioned they will be using them as sign holders for a wedding, which is a new use I never thought of!

14. Leather Hides


Use these thin leather hides to make jewelry, clothes, or costumes. You could decorate them with rustic pieces, paint on top of them, and more.

15. Kraft Tags


Decorate these tags to add to holiday or birthday gifts. You could also style and attach them to wedding favors, or make a banner. I always have a package of these in my stash!

16. Self-Hardening Clay


Once you’ve shaped this clay and let it dry, you can carve or paint it for the perfect craft! It comes ready to mold, and stays wet long enough for you to shape it exactly how you want it.

17. Watercolor Art Book


For those that love to take their artwork on the go! You could take this book to the park, relax under a tree and paint the scenery.

18. Black Coated Scratchboards


Scratch out your next piece of artwork on these black scratchboards. As you scratch, the white underneath will shine through, popping from the black. If you’ve never tried a scratchboard, they are good fun!

19. Unfinished Wood Blocks


I can think of so many ways to use these wood blocks for craft projects. You can create your own baby blocks for kids, or spell out their name to sit on a shelf with other knick-knacks.

What are your favorite crafting supplies to buy online? Let me know in the comments!

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Carol ("Mimi")

Saturday 26th of November 2016

Thanks for this post full of excellent ideas and inspiration! (so many crafts, so little time . . .)