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Organize Your Kitchen with These 20+ Brilliant DIY Projects

If you suffer from small space-osis in the kitchen like I do, you’ll love these 20+ ideas to organize your kitchen with ease.

20+ Brilliant DIY Projects to Organize Your KitchenI don’t have a lot of storage in my kitchen. Let’s face it – I don’t have a ton of storage in my entire apartment. I have to be really smart about how I organize everything.

Unfortunately I’m not smart enough to come up with really great ideas for organization on my own (it’s not one of my strong areas), so I have to rely on other smart people who know exactly what they are doing when it comes to setting up a space efficiently.

I found 20+ ideas to organize your kitchen – and by “your” I mean “mine.” But seriously, some of these DIYs are genius, and I think you will appreciate them as well. Scroll down to organize your kitchen!

Organize Your Kitchen


Basic Pegboard

Adding a pegboard can turn an underused wall into instant storage space.

Learn how at Better Homes & Gardens


Cookie Cutters

Tubs of cookie cutters can take up precious cabinet space – use paper towel racks to organize them instead!

Learn more at Better Homes & Gardens


Repurposed Hardware

You can make this easy utensil holder with wood strips, pipe straps and some paint.

See how it was done at Better Homes & Gardens


Dish Organization

Use a pegboard with tall pegs to put your dishes in the drawer and keep them from sliding around.

Learn more at Better Homes & Gardens


Glass Jars

Glass jars are perfect for organizing pretty things on the counter, like cupcake wrappers.

Learn more at Such Pretty Things


Hanging Mason Jars

For foods and other things that you access often, add storage that screws in below your cabinets.

Learn how to make it at HGTV


Lid Racks

Keep lids from sliding around the cabinets by adding towel racks to the insides of doors.

Find out how to do it at Martha Stewart


Wine Rack

This cool PVC stackable wine rack serves a dual purpose – the galvanized side panels can hold magnets for an easy organization station.

Get the how to at Lowe’s Creative Ideas


Produce Rack

Use command hooks to secure a shower caddy to your cabinets and hold your produce.

Photo courtesy of Domestic Diva Domain


Can Storage

Organize your kitchen with a hidden shelf! The small space between the wall and your refrigerator is perfect for holding this easy-to-make wood can shelf on wheels.

Find out how to do-it-yourself at Classy Clutter


Magic Decals

Use a special paper that is dishwasher resistant and free printables to label and organize clear jars in your cabinets.

See how it was done at The Painted Hive


Utensil Drawer

Get that messy utensil drawer cleaned up once and for all with small pieces of craft board that are easy to assemble into dividers.

Find out how to do it at Kevin and Amanda


Kitchen Island

Re-do an old dresser and add to the center of a kitchen for additional storage and cutting space.

Learn more at Decorating Your Small Space


Cup Hangers

Get extra space in your cabinets for all of your mugs using cup hooks.

Learn more at Penelope’s Oasis


Thyme Saver

Make a cute little rack that fits into a drawer and holds all your spices – you just need pieces of plywood.

Find out how to do it at Family Handyman


Cutting Boards

Make a small rack for storing all of your cutting boards behind the door – you’ll just need a few pieces of wood.

See how it was done at Family Handyman


Cabinet Rollouts

Rollouts make kitchen storage very efficient, and keep everything close at hand.

Find out how to make them at Family Handyman


Command Center

Ashley used decoupaged sheet metal and some wire baskets to set up a cool command center in her kitchen.

Find out how to do it at Domestic Imperfection


Bamboo Skewers

Bamboo skewers packed in a container are perfect for holding knives and other random utensils.

Learn more at Another Bright Idea


Measuring Cups and Spoons

Use the space behind your cabinet doors to hold your measuring cup and spoons – and add a custom chart for easy conversions.

See how it was done at Infarrantly Creative


Tray Divider

If you don’t have enough cabinet space for all of your cups, use a tray to give yourself another layer.

Learn more at Martha Stewart


If you aren’t done learning how to organize your kitchen and want more – visit my friend Heather here and then my friend Jessica here!

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