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20 Fun Ways to Decorate A Pumpkin (Real or Fake)

Are you looking for simple ways to decorate a pumpkin for Halloween? Here are 20 fun ideas, all easy to accomplish and so festive!

20 Fun Ways to Decorate a PumpkinEvery year I think about decorating pumpkins . . . and every year I avoid it because of the smell of the insides while carving. Or maybe it’s touching the smoosh-y guts. I’m not sure, but at this point in my life I would rather find other ways to decorate a pumpkin besides carving.

If you are like me, or even if you just want something you can keep year after year, you’ll love these 20 ideas. Some of them use faux pumpkins, and others use real pumpkins (but you can recreate these on faux pumpkins too!).

They range from painting to glue to nail heads . . . and all of them are awesome. Scroll down to see them!

How to Decorate a Pumpkin


Sparkle Skeleton

Paint the design of your choice on a pumpkin, then add Sparkle Mod Podge to make it bling.

Learn how it was done at Mod Podge Rocks


Outlined Number

Use brads and thread to turn a real pumpkin into a way to display a special date.

See how it was made at Better Homes & Gardens


Chalkboard Surface

Use chalkboard paint on a real or fake pumpkin to create a writing surface – you can draw anything you like with chalk!

Learn how it was done at Better Homes & Gardens


Easy Typography

Make a bold statement with this typographic pumpkin – that you can make in minutes.

Get the step-by-step at Swell Designer


Glowing Diorama

This cool diorama features a skeleton and glows when you turn the lights out.

Get the how-to at The Art of Doing Stuff


Bat Swarm

Make teeny bats out of cardstock and attach to a real pumpkin using glue dots.

Find out more about the project at Spoonful


Colorful Chevron

Use paint directly from the bottle to decorate a pumpkin with a chevron pattern – and you can be done in minutes.

Find the step-by-step at Swell Designer


Pretty Kitty

Turn a faux pumpkin into a pretty kitty with felt and pipe cleaners.

Get instructions at


Woodland Fun

Lidy turned faux pumpkins into woodland dioramas with a few simple supplies.

See how it was done at Hello Lidy


Pretty Doilies

Golden doilies add a sophisticated touch to to real pumpkins

Find out how they were made at 17 Apart


Simple Sequins

How can you improve a simple painted pumpkin? Add bling-y sequins.

Find out how it was done at Damsel in Dior


Bright and Sparkly

For a simple solution to making a statement pumpkin, just add glitter.

Learn how it was done at The SITS Girls


Bold Argyle

Use your favoritje paint colors to turn a pumpkin into an argyle statement piece.

Get the instructions at Max and Ellie


Candy Corn Owl

Decorate a faux pumpkin with paint in a candy corn motif, then add wings and eyes to make a fun owl.

Find the instructions at Plaid


Jack O’ Lantern

In this alternative to carving, you paint a happy face on your pumpkin using acrylic paint.

Find the step-by-step at Pearl + Earl’s


Top Hat

Carve and paint a fake pumpkin, then add a jaunty top hat made from cardboard.

Get the how-to at Sew Country Chick


Nailhead Trim

I love this idea of decorating pumpkins by creating designs using nailheads.

Find the instructions at Lovely Indeed


Jewelry Wire

Twisting wire into cool shapes and poking them into a real pumpkin gives a super cool effect.

Learn more at Bella Knitting


Silver Leaves

Decorate a painted pumpkin with another natural material – leaves.

Learn how it was done at Sift Ctrl Art


Subway Art

Inspired by the DIY canvases, Alexa turned a pumpkin into subway art using vinyl stickers and spray paint.

Learn how it was done at Swell Designer

Now that you have these ideas, how would you decorate a pumpkin? I’d love to hear in the comments!

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