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Halloween Balloon Decoration Ideas You’ll Squeal Over

To host a perfect holiday party you need Halloween balloons! You’re going to love these unique Halloween balloon decoration ideas. Cute and easy!

Halloween Balloon Decoration Ideas You'll Squeal OverI’m such a huge fan of Halloween – it’s a wonder I haven’t had a Halloween party in years! I like attending more than I like organizing, so that I can fully enjoy myself. If you aren’t a natural party planner, and I’m not, I’m sure you know what I mean.

But let’s say I were planning a Halloween party . . . I’d definitely have all sorts of balloons. I feel like balloons are one of those party decor items that always make a big impact. And as you have probably seen around, decorating balloons in various ways is pretty popular right now. I completely endorse this behavior!

I’m happy to share a bunch of Halloween balloon decorating ideas with you today that I think are super cool. If you’re planning a party this year for All Hallow’s Eve, you may want to use one or more of these ideas.

And even if you aren’t having a party, a lot of them are fun for kids to make as well, just to use for decorations. Enjoy my 20 picks below – and let me know your favorite Halloween balloons in the comments!

Halloween Balloon Decoration Ideas

  1. Halloween Jack-O-Lantern Balloon Garland from
  2. How To Make Cute Halloween Pumpkin Balloons from
  3. Pumpkin Balloon Jack-O-Lanterns Halloween Craft from
  4. Printable Balloon Monsters from
  5. Treat Filled Pumpkin Balloons from
  6. Balloon and Tassel Ghosts from
  7. Boo To You Craft from
  8. Easy DIY Balloon Jack-O-Lantern from
  9. Easy Day Of The Dead Party Ideas, Food And Crafts from
  10. DIY Black + Gold Balloons from
  11. 3D Halloween Balloon Idea from
  12. DIY Halloween Silhouette Balloons from
  13. DIY Balloon Pumpkin Patch from
  14. DIY Emoji Ghost Balloons from
  15. Bat Crafts from
  16. DIY Stand-alone Ghosts from
  17. DIY Mini Balloon Pumpkins For Halloween from
  18. How To Make Pom Pom Spider Balloons from
  19. Two-Tone Balloons from
  20. Wall Of Balloon Bats For Your Halloween Party from

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Nat J

Sunday 21st of April 2019

These are great! Especially love the bat, so cute! Thanks for putting this list together, we love halloween and we really love balloons in our house!


Thursday 15th of November 2018

Wow just killed it, the monster faces are super cool. Even we can also use these ideas for any party. It looks so cool and funny.

David John

Tuesday 13th of December 2016

Thanks for sharing! Great Post!

David John

Wednesday 14th of December 2016

I agree this. Really Nice Post!