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Animal Coloring Books for Grown Ups

If you love wildlife, you’ll love this roundup of animal coloring books – these make perfect gifts or a great addition to your collection!

Animal Coloring Books for Adults

I’m obsessed with coloring books for grown ups! I love it that this trend has made a resurgence, and I’m completely on the bandwagon.

I recently did a roundup of my favorite coloring books for dog lovers, then I did one for cat lovers. Then I realized there are so many other color books online that have all sorts of animals! I love designs that represent creatures from the natural world.

They are one of my favorite things to color, especially when the designs are intricate with lots of geometric shapes to fill in.

Even if you like more simple coloring pages, as long as you like animals, you’re going to love this collection! It features all sorts of creatures in all sorts of styles from whimsical to geometric.

Check out my top animal coloring books below – and if you need to know what pencils to select for your coloring, visit this post here.

Animal Coloring Books for Adults

If you enjoy coloring animals, you're going to love these color books for grown ups! Get a variety of books including some funny picks as well.

If you’re obsessed with coloring books for grown ups, visit my coloring for adults 101 guide!