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Appliqué Slippers Personalized Gift Idea

It is really easy to add a special touch to plain slippers – make them a wonderful personalized gift that your special someone will absolutely love!

Skills Required: Beginner. You can choose to make these with or without a sewing machine. This makes these personalized slippers perfect for a beginner crafter.

Appliqué Slippers Personalized Gift Idea
DIY personalized slippers

Hi guys! It’s Ashlee from My So Called Crafty Life! Today I am here to share a fun personalized gift DIY with you, appliqué slippers.

Make personalised slippers

It is really easy to add a special touch to plain slippers to make them a wonderful personalized gift that your special someone will absolutely love! These would be a perfect Christmas gift, birthday gift, or even a Mother’s Day gift.

So grab a pair of slippers from the store and dress them up with these fun handmade alphabet patches.

DIY Personalized Slippers

Here’s What You Need:


Letters drawn onto a steam-a-seam sheet with pencil

So, the first thing you need to do is draw your letters or shapes onto the top of your steam-a-seam sheet. Decide how large of an area you have and mark it off loosely then draw in your shape or letter.

Tip: if you feel your drawing skills aren’t good enough, just print a letter off of the internet or type one in word and print. You have a lot of options for creating your own template besides hand drawing.

Letter K on a sheet of steam a seam paper on top of fabric

Next, cut out a piece with your letter or shape on it. Then remove the top paper and lay the steam a seam sheet behind your fabric scrap. Then lay the top paper on top.

Pair of scissors, cut fabric, and cut steam a seam sheet

Cut out your the letter on your fabric scrap and then discard the top paper. Remove the backing paper off of the back.

Fabric letter L ironed on to a piece of felt

Lay the letter onto the scrap of felt with the letter facing up and the sticky side on the felt. Iron.

Fabric stitched onto felt using sewing machine creating letters

Stitch either by hand or machine over the letter. Clip excess threads. Trim the felt around the letter so that you have about an 1/8″ border of felt.

Bottle of fabric glue and a fabric letter
Slipper with a "K" applique glued to the toe

To finish the slippers, you will need to add your patch. Place a generous amount of your permanent fabric glue onto the back side of your felt and fabric patch.

DIY monogrammed slippers

Glue the patch onto the slippers by pressing the patch onto the top of the slipper. Wipe off any excess glue with a damp rag. Let the slipper dry and then they are ready to gift.

DIY personalized slippers

I absolutely LOVE how these slippers turned out! I made a pair for each of the gals in my family, and myself too!

Custom slippers with a heart applique

You can do the letters like I showed you, or you can easily made shapes for your patches too like the heart slippers with the paint by number fabric.

I have already washed my slippers and they are holding up great! I love them and hope you will add this DIY to your list of handmade gifts this year! I think you’ll love making them as much as I did.

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Saturday 19th of December 2015

These slippers are super cute! My son would love a pair!