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Beginner Quilting Supplies to Start Your New Favorite Hobby

Do you want to get started with quilting but aren’t sure where to begin? Here are ten beginner quilting supplies to help you start your new favorite hobby!

Beginner quilt making supplies

So you want to start quilting? Awesome! This article will help you get started. There are so many quilting tools and supplies out there, but what exactly do you need?

Quilting Tools for Beginners

Take a quick little journey down this list of tehn items to make sure that you don’t go overboard with buying everything you set your eyes upon, especially since you just might not need them. Well, at least you don’t need them at the moment to get started. Here they are!

Rotary Cutter


The rotary cutter is going to be your absolute favorite tool, especially since it’s the most basic one to help you cut your fabric accurately and quickly in different shapes and angles. These are very sharp, so please be careful you don’t roll over your fingers by accident.

Self Healing Mat


The self healing mat is what you’ll be using with your rotary cutter. It has a huge system of measurements printed on top, and it’s self-healing. This means when you cut fabric on top, the mat will bounce back unaffected.

Sharp Fabric Scissors


You can just use a regular ol’ pair of scissors that’s meant for crafting and paper. Fabric scissors are extremely sharp, and should only be dedicated to cutting fabric with, and not anything else. You don’t want to go through the pain of having a dull pair of scissors by your side.

Seam Ripper


Accidents happen. Sometimes you just accidentally piece together the wrong fabric colors or shapes! The seam ripper is such a lifesaving tool, and you might (or might not) use it very often.

Sewing Pins


Please buy nice and sturdy quilting pins. Don’t buy the cheap ones. Pins will help keep your fabric in place on the seams that need to be stitched together. You’ll want to consider using the colored bobble ended ones so that you can color code as you work.

Wrist Pincushion


Managing pins can be a headache for a quilter! A lot of pincushions get in the way, too. What I personally prefer is a wrist pincushion, and there are a few options. You can get one with fabric, or you can get a magnetic one as well. I have fabric, but the choice is up to you.



You’re gonna use a LOT of thread, and you’re probably going to wind up with a huge assortment of spools. Stick with some basic colors, and then you can add onto your arsenal of colored thread for when you create different projects.



Quilting rulers help to ensure you’re cutting your fabric with accuracy. You need to make sure that you’re cutting your fabric to the sizes that you need so nothing comes out awkward or puckered. There’s more than just one type, but start off with the basic quilting ruler and you’ll be perfectly fine.

Sewing Machine


Unless you’re a go-getter and sewing everything by hand, you’re going to need a sewing machine to stitch your pieces of work together. You don’t need an extremely expensive machine. Just a nice market priced one.



Yes. You need an iron to smooth the pieces of fabric that you are quilting together. This helps stop the puckering of the fabric and allows you to double check all sizes of your fabric swatches.

What beginner quilting supplies have you already purchased? Did we miss anything – let me know in the comments! I’d also love for you to check out the following posts: