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Daily Instagram Photo Challenge with Free Printable!

Grab your FREE printable for a daily photo challenge! This includes twelve months, 365 days. Take a new picture according to the theme and have fun!

Daily Instagram Photo Challenge with Free Printable!

With the new year right around the corner, it’s time to get ready for an Instagram photo challenge! I guess I should explain what a “photo challenge” is, as well. If you’ve never participated, it’s a 365-day challenge that entails a theme each day.

And it’s your job to take a picture of that theme and share it on social media. It’s a fun way for those who love photography and documentation to expand their creativity.

You can post these pictures on Instagram or Facebook, print them out, or simply keep them in your camera or on your phone. The choice is yours. As long as you are having a good time and getting creative!

Photo a Day Challenge

Two Happy Planners

So here’s what I did to make sure that I participate . . . I use my Happy Planner to help me remember.

I created a printable for myself – but you can also use it to use to organize YOUR photo challenges! Here’s what I recommend, based on what I’m doing:

  • Get the printable HERE (it includes all twelve pages)
  • Print full sized OR if you want to fit your Happy Planner (or other planner), print two to a page, landscape (I highly recommend printing on cardstock like this)
  • Add to the front of the month with a Happy Planner punch or stick in the Happy Planner pockets as a reminder
  • Write reminders in your Happy Planner so you don’t forget to participate
  • For your favorite challenge photos, print them out on sticker paper and place in that date – these double as planner decorations as well!
  • Have fun and don’t let it stress you out! If you miss a day – either double up or move on
365 photo challenge with a Happy Planner

Interested in participating?? You can do it for 30 days or all year. Just give it a try! Here’s a sample of what the sheets look like (there are twelve in the printable):

Daily Instagram Photo Challenge - with Free Printable!

Don’t forget to download our photo challenge FREE printable here.