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Donut Shirt for a Preggo Gift (We’re Hungry!)

This donut shirt is perfect for your favorite pregnant person! Make a “we’re hungry” shirt to celebrate National Donut Day. Too cute!

DIY Donut Shirt for a Preggo (We're Hungry)

Happy National Donut Day! I would be lying if I said that I didn’t want to celebrate donuts every day. I mean, who doesn’t like donuts?

They are definitely on my pregnancy list of cravings. Which is growing just like this tummy.

So what better way to sprint happily today while I’m with child than to sport a t-shirt with yummy frosting and tasty sprinkles? Here’s how you can create one for you or a special pregnant person you know.

White shirt, paintbrushes, plate, mug, acrylic paint, and a printout that says "we're hungry"

DIY Donut Shirt

What you’ll need for this donut craft:

  • Plain tee
  • Cardboard piece
  • Large plate
  • Lid to a jar
  • Paper with phrase/lettering or stencils
  • Multipurpose acrylic paint (mine listed fabric on the back)
  • Pencil
  • Brushes
Ironed white t-shirt with a piece of cardboard inside

Iron your shirt and lay it flat. Place the piece of cardboard inside the shirt.

Sketching a donut onto a shirt

Use your pencil to mark where you would like the wording and where the donut will go. I tried on the shirt after just to make sure the placement was right.

We're hungry
Inserting text underneath the shirt front
We're hungry sketched on the front of a white t-shirt in pencil

There are a few ways you can create the lettering. I simply wrote out what I wanted on a separate sheet of paper to make sure it was straight. Sketch it onto the tee.

Donut Tee_7

To make the donut shape, flip a large plate and trace it onto the shirt.

Donut Tee_8

For the donut hole, do the same but with a lid from a jar. I used an old lid from a Parmesan jar.

Donut Tee_9

Freehand the frosting of your donut shirt by drawing curved lines about .5 inch or less from the edge of the plate.

Donut Tee_10

Now the fun part! Paint away! I started by using a fine brush for the wording.

Donut Tee_12
Donut Tee_13

For the donut, a square brush works best. Use it to make the edges nice and crisp. Take your time and combine brush strokes with dabs.

Donut Tee_14

For the frosting, I used the square brush. Since this would be the largest area, allow the paint to dry after the first coat and then go back and dab any white cotton that might be showing through.

Donut Tee_15

Choose three paint colors for your sprinkles, and use the fine brush to create smooth 2-inch lines on the frosting. Be random: it’s a donut! You can’t go wrong with sprinkles!

Donut Tee_16

Allow the paint to dry for about an hour before wearing. To make the donut shirt washable, check the back of your paint tubes. Mine said to cure for 21 days (most fabric paints are not this long).

After the time recommended, lay a scrap piece of fabric down and for 3 -5 minutes press with a medium iron. Then throw your donut shirt in the dryer to finish setting on low heat for about 30 minutes.

This donut craft is perfect for your favorite pregnant person! Make a "we're hungry" shirt to celebrate National Donut Day. Too cute!

Now slip on your donut shirt (or gently wiggle it on) and show off that sweet belly, mama!

This donut craft is perfect for your favorite pregnant person! Make a "we're hungry" shirt to celebrate National Donut Day. Too cute!

If you enjoyed this donut craft, I’d love for to check out these donut recipes. Because who doesn’t love donuts???

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