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Easy DIY Pin Cushion Made from Wine Corks

This DIY pin cushion trendy and inexpensive to make – in this tutorial, Amy shows you how to create this simple craft using wine corks.

Skills Required: None. Even if you’ve never crafted before, you can make this. If your corks are already colored it takes five minutes!

Easy DIY Pin Cushion Made from Wine Corks

I co-hosted an Etsy Craft Party in my hometown last month and made these fun cork pincushions as part of our table decor. It was such a fun and easy hot glue gun craft, I couldn’t resist sharing it with all of you, too! Find out the secret to making this super-quick project in the steps below!

Seven wine corks and a hot glue gun

The secret tool here is a hot glue gun — and corks, of course. Those are the only two things you need unless you want to have a colorful DIY pin cushion.

My corks came already colored, but I’ve seen online that you can dye them in batches using clothing dye. You can also paint corks with regular acrylic craft paint (add a little water to have the texture show through and make it more like a stain).

Placing a bead of hot glue on a wine cork using a hot glue gun

Pick which cork you want in the middle, and begin gluing the rest of the corks around it. Hold the corks for several seconds to make sure they are going to stay together.

Pressing two wine corks together with fingers
Hot glue beads down the side of two corks

Keep adding more hot glue and pressing as you add on new corks and let the glue cool.

Pressing hot glued wine corks together to make a pincushion

It’s a good idea to set them on a flat surface while you do this, so the bottom of your pincushion will stand evenly (the top might be a bit wonky, but that only makes it cuter). In the end you’ll end up with a cute “flower!”

Learn how to make a pin cushion from wine corks

Once you’re done with your DIY pin cushion, just add your pins. This would make a great base for a wire photo holder, too!

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