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Easter Cupcakes: The Ultimate List of Cute Desserts

If you’re looking for the cutest (and tastiest) Easter cupcakes for your holiday brunch or dinner, this is the ultimate list of recipes. Get over 30 easy cupcake recipes you’ll have fun making with your kids.

Easter Cupcakes

I love dessert, like 99.9% of the population. Spring is a great time for fruit desserts, Easter desserts . . . and my absolute favorite, Easter cupcakes.

I have a very particular relationship with cupcakes. They are my favorite dessert (well, in addition to cookie dough cheesecake). I love cupcakes because the icing to cake ratio is high. I also love them because you can sample several different flavors of cake and icing without having to make a whole cake. They’re easy to share with a friend!

Then there’s the matter of them being easy to decorate. The canvas is so small! And cute! A tasty, tasty canvas for sure.

I feel like the holidays are a perfect opportunity for cupcake making, especially when it comes to decorating them. The sky’s the limit! Colorful icing, interesting flavors, edible accents . . . you get to be creative with cupcake recipes and decorating.

With spring here and Easter around the corner, I wanted to share my favorite Easter cupcakes with you. If you’ve never made cupcakes for a holiday before, I encourage you to try. I’ve compiled a list of 40 cupcake recipes for you for spring and Easter, and these are the perfect place to start on what will certainly be a new, fun hobby.

I’ve included the classics like carrot cake, coconut, and other fun flavors – as well as the bunnies, sheep, and chicks you’d expect to see. All of them are delicious and all of them are easy. Because such is the nature of the cupcake, and like I said, that’s what I love about it.

Keep reading below and pick your favorite recipes to make. Let me know what you try. I’d also love to hear any favorite recipes I’ve missed in the comments. Enjoy!

Easter Cupcakes

Cupcakes are the perfect treat to make for an Easter brunch or dinner. Get over 30+ easy Easter cupcake recipes perfect for your gathering below.

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