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Easter Egg Decorating for Kids (Four Unique Ideas!)

Here are four fun and colorful ways to decorate Easter eggs that kids will love. Use these ideas for a holiday party – you’ll love seeing their creations!

Easter Egg Decorating for Kids (Four Unique Ideas!)

Are you ready to party? I mean a party where you decorate Easter eggs, of course. Easter is right around the corner, and there’s nothing more fun when you are young than decorating Easter eggs.

At least I really loved it – all the bright colors, all the crafting. When I was a child, our choices were limited to different colors of dye pellets in water.

But times have changed, and Easter egg decorating has reached a whole new level!

Here are four ways to decorate Easter eggs that are perfect for a party. Before the party, hard-boil and dye a dozen eggs per child.

Once they’re dry, place a few of each color egg into clean egg cartons and refrigerate. At the party, give each child a carton and let them loose at the craft table.

Show them these ideas to get inspired — but the real fun is in seeing their wild creations! Here’s what you’ll need for this Easter craft for kids.

Egg Decorating Ideas for Kids

Gather These Supplies

  • Markers
  • White circle label stickers and/or hole punch reinforcements
  • Self-adhesive googly eyes
  • Scissors
  • Pipe cleaners
  • Glue dots
  • Glitter & sequins
  • Tacky glue
  • Small paintbrushes
  • Construction-paper leaves and stems
  • Felt features
  • Free printables
Easter egg monsters with googly eyes

Silly Monsters

Show the children how to use markers to draw different mouths onto the label stickers or hole-punch reinforcements, then adhere them to the eggs.

Stick on googly eyes. Cut and bend the pipe cleaners into arms, legs, hair—whatever!— then attach with glue dots.

Easter eggs decorated with sequins

Sparkling Geodes

Fill small paper plates or bowls with glitter and sequins, and pour an inch or so of tacky glue into a paper cup.

Have the kids brush the glue onto the eggs, then roll them in the glitter or sequins, shaking off the excess. Place the geode in the egg carton to dry.

Tip: Leave a few eggs partially dyed and then cover just the colored part with glitter for a cool effect.

Easter eggs decorated like a strawberry and a carrot

Baby Fruits and Veggies

Strawberries! Lemons! Limes! Carrots! Show kids how to fold the pre-cut construction-paper leaves and stems so they can “grow” their favorite foods. Attach ’em with glue dots.

Easter eggs decorated like fruits and vegetables
  • For the strawberry: Show children how to accordion-fold the leaves, then use a glue dot to connect the edges, creating a circle. Attach the leaf circle and a ½-inch pipe-cleaner stem to a red or pink egg with glue dots.
  • For the lemon or lime: Crease the leaf down the middle, attach one end to a 1-inch-long piece of pipe cleaner with a glue dot, then use another glue dot to attach the pipe cleaner to a yellow or green egg.
  • For the carrot: Roll the leaf cutout into a tube; close it with a glue dot. Attach the leaf bundle to the top of an orange egg with a glue dot, then bend the ends of the leaves outward.
Easter eggs decorated like sea creatures

Sweet Sea Creatures

Kids can create their own turtles, crabs, and octopuses— not to mention any type of fish!— with pre-cut felt features, glue dots, paint, and pipe cleaners.

  • For the crab: Use glue dots to attach the pre-cut felt claw shapes to 1½-inch-long pipe cleaners. Use two more to attach the pipe cleaners to an orange egg. Attach self-adhesive googly eyes to the ends of inch-long pipe cleaners, then attach the pipe cleaners to the egg with glue dots.
  • For the turtle: Use acrylic paint to add a yellow stripe around a green egg, leaving an oval showing, for the turtle’s shell. Adhere the felt fins and head with glue dots, and dot on eyes with a marker.
  • For the octopus: Use glue dots to attach each of the legs, then draw on the eyes with a marker.
Decorating Easter eggs for kids

I hope you enjoyed these four tutorials to decorate Easter eggs. Have a great holiday! I’d also love for you to check out the following Easter posts:

These ideas are courtesy of FamilyFun magazine.