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The Easiest Duck Tape Frame You’ll Ever Make

Feel like you aren’t creative? I disagree – ANYONE can make this Duck Tape frame. Perfect for a gift idea or for unique home decor!

DIY Duck tape frame

I get people telling me all the time “I’m not crafty/creative.” I’m sorry folks – I just don’t believe you! I honestly believe that everyone is creative, but there is a learning curve. Just like with any new hobby!

This Duck Tape frame is the perfect craft idea for someone who is just starting out with crafts. And when I say that anyone can do that, I mean it.

I first learned to knit when I was 15 years old. The first project that most people do (and that I did) is a scarf. And when I think back to my first scarf, I laugh, because it was full of mistakes, holes, and stitches that were just plain wrong.

But you know what? I was learning, and now I can knit perfectly. This photo frame is the equivalent of that scarf, but it’s so easy that you’re not going to have any mistakes.

You’ll look like a crafting expert to all of your friends and family, even if you’ve never done it before. It makes a great gift, too. Learn how to make it below!

DIY Duck Tape Frame

Gather These Supplies

  • Wood frame
  • Duck Tape – any pattern, I chose Ikat Tie Dye
  • Acrylic paint in coordinating colors
  • Paintbrush
  • Craft knife and mat
Edge of a wood frame painted with purple acrylic paint

The first step is to paint the edge and back of the frame using acrylic paint. I prefer FolkArt multi surface paint but  you can use any kind you like. You’ll want to let it dry for a few hours.

Don’t worry if the paint comes over onto the front of the frame a bit; you’re going to cover that up with Duck Tape.

Duck tape strip attached to the front of a wood frame

Start taping your frame. Now, let me tell you something about Duck Tape. Some of the patterns match when you place pieces next to each other and some don’t. I don’t mind if it matches or not (typically it blends in and you can’t tell anyway), but if you’re a stickler, check your tape with a few pieces before you begin the project. The Ikat tie dye pattern does match when you place pieces side to side.

I typically begin taping towards the middle and not on one edge. The reason for this is so that my tape looks somewhat even on either side. Start by placing a piece of tape down and tearing off.

Two strips of Duck Tape added to the front of a wood frame

You’re going to completely cover the frame with Duck Tape, placing pieces adjacent to each other as shown above.

Hole cut in the center of the tape on the frame

This is how your frame will look when complete. And let me tell you something about Duck Tape on wood – it’s not completely secure until you smooth it down with your hands.

So lightly place the piece down at first and check alignment before smoothing. That way if you need to adjust the piece, you can peel it up and place down again. Once you’re happy with the placement, then smooth.

Trimming the tape from the edges using a craft knife

After your frame is covered, turn it over face down on a craft mat. Slowly run your craft knife around the perimeter of the frame as well as on the inside of the frame where the picture will go.

Make sure to use a sharp blade. If you aren’t handy with a craft knife, work slowly and carefully. They are pretty easy to use, but the more you use them, the faster you can go.

DIY Duck tape frame

Place a picture in your Duck Tape frame and set it on a table! My wood frame was designed so that it could be hung one way and set on a table the other way.

The nice thing about this tape is that the pattern goes either way. And that is what I love about Duck Tape!

Are you ready to make a Duck Tape frame? I’m challenging you. Give this project a try and let me know how it went in the comments! And if you want some easy, similar ideas – check these out:

Carol ("Mimi")

Friday 14th of April 2017

Duct tape comes in so many colors and designs, now.. It's so versatile. This is a great, simple project. Thanks for the tutorial.