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This DIY Leather Cuff Is Easy to Embellish!

DIY leather cuff bracelets are a fortune at the department store – make your own with beads and this simple tutorial! Great for beginners and made in 15 minutes or less.

Skills Required: None. If you’ve never crafted or made jewelry/fashion before, this is a great idea to start with. You’ll be punching holes in leather and stringing beads.

This DIY Leather Cuff Is Easy to Embellish!

Hello, you fabulous and creative people, it’s Tara from Suburble! I’m back today with a great – and easy – fashion craft for those who have been wanting to try their hand at jewelry making.

It’s SO simple, and best of all – it takes less than 15 minutes!

My extended family is trying their hand(s) at a handmade Christmas this year. This means that everything we gift cannot be brand new. It can be upcycled. It can be thrifted. It can be crafted by hand.

But it can’t be presented in a store-bought state.

Needless to say, this has kept me hopping this Christmas season. And when I want a quick and satisfying craft, I often turn to jewelry. This leather cuff – pre-punched for easy embellishment – is a wonderful (and quick!) gift for the jewelry aficionado in your life.

Leather cuff, blue beads, anchor charm

To make your own embellished leather cuff, you will need:

  • Leather cuff (punched for easy threading – I got mine here)
  • Leather punch (if your cuff doesn’t have holes)
  • Beads (I chose turquoise)
  • 1 connector/blingy centerpiece
  • Fishing line
  • Scissors
Monofilament fishing line with blue beads and an anchor charm

I like fishing line because it’s strong and cheap. Tell me that isn’t an appealing combination?? You can also use jewelry floss, of course.

Stringing blue beads onto a leather with filament

Threading the bracelet is as easy as you’d think it would be. The transparency of the fishing line allows the novice jewelry maker lots of room for error – you simply tie a knot, and start adding beads to the front of the necklace where you see fit.

Blue beads threaded on a leather cuff with an anchor charm

I made sure to plan out where the anchor would rest in the center of the bracelet. As each bead or bling is added, I ensured that I was pulling the fishing line tightly. Saggy beads will catch on surfaces and could risk the life of the bracelet.

DIY cuff bracelet wrapped around a pinecone

I tied off the end of the fishing line and then secured it with a dab of hot glue. Fishing line can be a bit slippery – I find the glue is extra security.

And then – voila! The cuff is done!

How to make a leather cuff bracelet

This DIY leather cuff is a perfect Christmas present – or an accessory for yourself! And with a craft time of under 15 minutes, you owe it to yourself to try. For those who have been itching to get into the jewelry-making scene, start with this easy bracelet.

The opportunities to personalize are endless!

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