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Easy Household Tips You’ve Never Thought About

Get over 25 useful household tips that you may have never thought of! These are incredibly useful and practical, and will save you time and effort! Get ideas for the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, and more.

Easy Household Tips

Those who know me know that I’m not the master of organization. I’m also not the master of time savings around the home. But the thing is . . . I want to be! I’m much better than I used to be in my 20s, mostly because my patience is shorter than it was then and my memory isn’t as good.

In my 40s, I find that I lose stuff all the time. I want areas of my home to be tidy and clutter-free so that everything is easier to find!

I also have a home without a lot of closets, so I need to be smart about my organizing as well. If there is a solution that maximizes space and time, I want to know about it! That’s why I’m excited to share these ideas with you today.

Household Tips and Tricks

Do you love really smart fixes for things around the house? Me too. Check out these great ideas for the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, and more. I think you’re going to love these ideas!

Kitchen Tips


My mop and broom are currently hanging out on the left side of my fridge, ready to fall over at any moment. Prevent that from happening with a hanging organizer (these come in 5-, 7-, and 9-tool organizers typically).

Fold and hang tablecloths on flocked hangers. Tie a tag to the hanger that lists either the size or where the tablecloth goes (or both). Hang in a hallway closet.

Lazy Susans are perfect for organizing in cabinets so you don’t have to pull everything out for one item. Examples are medicine, beauty items, spices, and even condiments in the fridge.

Stacking mail on the counter can cause unnecessary clutter and may mean bills get paid late (since who wants to go through the pile?). Once you check your mail, immediately recycle/throw out the junk and place the rest in a mail holder. From there, pay bills, write tasks on a calendar, etc.

Aluminum foil and sandwich bags take up WAY too much space in a drawer! Put them on a shelf using a kitchen wrap organizer (I LOVE mine). You can also pin sandwich bags to the wall in your pantry for easy accessibility.

Store K-Cups in a drawer underneath the Keurig; it takes up less space on the counter than the spinning racks.

A tension rod under the sink is perfect for holding bottles, and uses typically empty space to the maximum!

Bedroom Tips

Do you store camisoles on hangers? They tend to slip off or just take up too much room. Consolidate with a strappy closet organizer that can be used for camisoles, bathing suits, sports bras, and more.

If I can’t see my jewelry, I don’t wear it. Option 1: use Pinhooks or Crazy Tackz along with a bulletin board to display. Option 2: use the small Command Wire Hooks at various locations in your closet to hold your jewelry. No holes required!

Not sure which clothing items to give away? Turn hangers with the hooks facing out at the beginning of the season. When you wear an item, flip the hanger around. You’ll know what you haven’t worn and what should go to the Goodwill depending on how the hanger is facing.

Underbed stacking drawers are much easier to get into than containers with pop top lids.

Instead of folding in drawers – roll! Do this with jeans, t-shirts, socks/tights, and swimsuits to save space.

Store stuffed animals on one of the shelves of a child’s bookcase. Simply attach bungee cords with eye hooks across the front (or drill holes) to make a corral. The stuffed animals can be quickly stuffed onto the shelf and visible so children can pick their favorites easily.

Purchase plastic bins for toy storage, then keep a photo on the outside of the bin with what goes inside. Kids will be able to put their toys away easily with the visual reference.

Bathroom and Laundry Tips

Bathroom and Laundry Tips

Corral bracelets or hair ties with non-locking carabiners – and hang from a hook within a bathroom cabinet to make them easily accessible.

Another essential item for the bathroom cabinet is a sliding basket organizer. You essentially double the space by going vertical in the cabinet! I couldn’t live without mine.

Save space storing light bulbs out of the package. Keep them in a clear shoe box and stuff extra newspaper or tissue paper in between.

Use a laundry sorter to keep clothing organized when it comes out of the dryer. Separate by family member.

Life Organization Tips

Life organization tips

Slide unused toilet paper rolls around gift wrap rolls to make sure they don’t unfurl.

Store gift wrap using bungee cords. Secure a few cords across the top of a closet with eye hooks (they are cheap at the hardware store) and lay the gift wrap rolls on top.

Use a receipt scanner to organize receipts and make your life easier for tax time. Do it when you get home or at the minimum once a week. Organize using the software that comes with the scanner.

Don’t save appliance manuals. Download them online and save them in a folder on your computer or in the cloud. Access from any device when you need them!

Get rid of that stack of loyalty cards! Use an app on your phone – I use Key Ring. Another one I found but have never tested is called Stocard.

Use a Happy Planner or Bullet Journal to keep your schedule organized. You can even use a bullet journal for home organization!

Other Household Tips

Other Household Tips

My batteries are always rolling around in the bottoms of drawers. Battery storage boxes are a lifesaver – especially when they come with a tester.

Use a magnetic knife holder in the kids’ room, office, bathroom, and garage! They can hold matchbox cars, bobby pins, craft supplies, tools, and more.

Two-tier and expanding organizers are perfect for junk drawers. Have you ever been in the situation where one junk drawer turns into two? Keep that from happening with organizers!

Children’s artwork shouldn’t be stuffed into a drawer. Use a service like Plum Print or Blurb to send in/scan the artwork and create a book instead. It makes a perfect gift back to the child who created the art . . . I would have loved that as a child!

What are your favorite household tips? I’d love to know in the comments! I’d also love for you to check out the following posts as well:

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