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Favorite Modern Throw Pillows That Make a Statement

If you are looking for the best modern throw pillows, here are my favorites. These are the perfect way to update your decor in a flash!

Favorite Modern Throw Pillows That Make a Statement

I am eyeing a new couch. It’s one of the gorgeous sectionals from Joybird in a rich shade of blue (thinking about the Preston or Eliot) . . . but I can’t exactly afford it yet.

So I’m saving up, and in the meantime shopping for what I can afford: decorative pillows to sit on top.

Yes – I’m a pillow lover. One of those people that loves them for the mere fact that they can completely change your decor in two shakes of a lamb’s tail.

Joybird sectional couch

Above is the couch I’m looking at from Joybird – the potential receiver of said decorative pillows. I’m always obsessing over throw pillows when I see them in the store or online . . . and if you are a pillow lover too, you know exactly what I mean.

Check out my favorite modern decorative pillows below and let me know . . . which ones would you put on my new couch?

Modern Decorative Pillows

Black and white striped modern pillow

I am a firm believer that black and white stripes are a perfect modern neutral, so this black and white striped pillow is a keeper! This modern pillow reminds me a bit of Beetlejuice, but also Jonathan Adler.

Either way you decide to roll with it, there is a 99% chance that this will work with your decor. You can also go for another solid color with white stripes FYI – I feel that gray or navy would look fab as well.

Modern Boho Pillow

This handcrafted pillow is the perfect addition to your bedroom or living room. When you think of “modern” you might think only clean lines and edges, but with the boho trend, textures are making

Orla kiely modern pillows

Orla Kiely is always a great source of modern design, in my humble opinion. Her pillows are always fantastic, with great geometric inspired and colorful designs . . . plus she has some great other bedding to go with them, if you’re so inclined.

Modern chevron decorative pillow

I think we all know that chevron is an important part of modern design. If you grab a chevron pillow in just about any color, chances are it will work with whatever scheme you’ve got going on. Chevron’s timeless when it comes to modern throw pillows!

Decorative Animal Print Throw Pillow

Every pillow collection needs at least one hint of animal print, I think. You might be wondering how that’s possible, when animal print isn’t traditionally modern. I’m asking you to reconsider, with an example using the image above. Look for decorative animal print pillows that use few/simple colors.

Black and White Plus Pillow | Favorite Modern Pillows

I’m all about doing some math with this cool plus pillow. Don’t you agree? In truth it has nothing to do with math at all – it’s really about how a simple symbol works so well with modern decor. I guess if we’re talking math, it adds up. Good one, right?

Round throw pillow

When you hear “round” or “velvet,” you may not think “modern.” However, these round button pillows work with contemporary decor very well. Imagine one of these bad boys on my Joybird couch? They also layer very well with square, more traditionally shaped pillows.

Metallic Gold Throw Pillow | Favorite Modern Pillows

Don’t shy away from solid modern throw pillows, especially metallics. You might be thinking shimmery is for a glam style only, but don’t forget that there was plenty of gold in mid-century modern decor. These metallic pillows are anything but ordinary!

Yaritza Faux Fur Throw Pillow

Afraid of a little fur? Don’t be. People who love contemporary decor inevitably end up with modern throw pillows that look like they came from the hide of a Yeti. It’s all part of the fun, my friends. Get your furry pillow in whatever color floats your boat!

Modern cotton pillow

Some of you might not be into the boho look completely – while at the same time not being fully out, either. This pillow gives you that modern boho vibe without too much of a pattern. Go for textured cotton pillows in a solid color, and you’ll add interest without the craziness.

West Mersea Velvet Modern Throw Pillow

Afraid of a little velvet? Don’t be. Velvet pillows are a staple of modern decor, and you can get them in solids – or with cut out patterns like seen above. They look ab fab with tufted mid-century couches. Trust me on this one!

Tribal modern throw pillow

I’m going to be honest, there are a lot of Aztec inspired pillows out there that go really well with contemporary design. Look for simple patterns with straight lines like the above. It’s a really natural fit!

Do you have a favorite source for modern throw pillows? Which throw pillows above are your favorites from above? Let me know in the comments!

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