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Fox Gift Box You Can Make for Woodland Themed Parties

Make a super cute woodland themed gift box with this fun fox craft idea! Kids will love making it and you probably have a lot of the supplies already.

Fox gift box

The birthday party trend continues! We have several birthday parties to attend in the next couple of weeks. I LOVE birthday parties. I love eating cake, chatting with friends, and seeing all the beautiful gifts.

Ok. That last part probably seems strange because the gifts are never for me. But what can I say? I just like seeing all the different ways people present gifts. (Gosh, there are some beautiful gift wrap designs out there.)

Hi! It’s Leslie from Pink Stripey Socks. Today I’m sharing a really quirky way to wrap birthday gifts. Ever seen a fox gift box before? Thought not!

Isn’t this fox craft adorable? It’s a perfect paper craft or fall craft for kids! It’s also great if the party you are going to is woodland themed. Mr. Fox is super cute.

Fox Gift Box

Ok! Let’s make this animal gift box! Here are the materials you’ll need:

Gift wrapped with a brown paper bag

Step 1: Wrap your gift with your brown paper bag.

Paper fox tail, ears, nose, mouth, and legs

Step 2: Cut out the different parts for your fox from black construction paper, computer paper, and brown paper. You’ll need two ears, one tail, two paws, one nose, and an underbelly.

Details drawn on the front of the brown paper box and the feet

Step 3: Tape or glue on the different pieces. Use a black marker and white crayon to add details.

You’re all set with your fun fox craft!

DIY fox gift wrap
Fox gift wrap for a woodland themed party

This cute and friendly fox gift box is ready to party. Wrap your gift like this and you’ll be sure to make people smile at your next birthday party. I hope you enjoy making these with your kiddos too!

Check out my blog, Pink Stripey Socks for more easy and modern family friendly crafts. I’d also love for you to check out the following craft ideas. Happy making, friends!


Saturday 8th of October 2016

I showed my niece your kitty paper gift box tutorial and she asked me to find some similar one, then I found this post! Look like she'll get the fox while I'll take the kitty. Thanks again for sharing!