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These Kitchen Gift Ideas Are Fun & Modern!

Need a present for a foodie or someone that likes to cook? Consider one of these fun and modern kitchen gift ideas! There are some unique products here.

Need a present for a foodie or someone that likes to cook? Consider one of these fun and modern kitchen gift ideas! There are some unique products here.

Know some people who need to jazz up their kitchen? Considering giving them some of these colorful and modern kitchen gift ideas this holiday season!

Kitchen Gift Ideas

I’m all about colorful and modern . . . and unusual, so you’re going to see a lot of those kind of ideas in this list. I have some of these but I want all of them. Which of these kitchen gift ideas is your favorite?

Breakfast Set


These dishes just bring cheerful pops of color into the kitchen. I could see my mood being brightened by eating oatmeal from that bright orange bowl!

Mitten Ice Tongs


Now these would just be an “ice breaker” at any party. You can grip ice for your drink without having to get your fingers cold. Those mittens will do all the heavy lifting for you!

Cow Toothpick Dispenser


This toothpick dispenser will definitely bring some fun to your kitchen. Simply press the top of the cow for a toothpick. It will slide out of his backside for you!

Birdie Potato Peeler


This cute little blue bird reminds me of Twitter! There’s a built-in potato eye remover on top and a matching cover for the peeler when not in use.

Nested Hen & Chick Measuring Cups


When you need to measure flour or sugar, you can pop open these adorable nested cups that look like a hen, egg, or chick. There are six sizes in the set, ranging from 1/4 cup to a whole cup. They would look great just sitting on your counter when not in use!

Little Bird Wine Stopper


Put a colorful cork in your wine bottle with this little birdie wine stopper. It’s all one piece and made of silicone so it will last forever. They are available in multiple modern colors, should you have more than one open bottle at once.

Sumo Egg Cups


Okay, these are too funny not to have in a modern kitchen. They definitely make your breakfast meal more entertaining!

Dino Pasta Server


ROAR if you like spaghetti! This pasta server will have even your pickiest eaters ready to enjoy dinner. I mean, who wouldn’t want their food served by a dinosaur?!

Monster Push Up Ice Pop Makers


Your kiddos will no doubt enjoy a cold treat with these push up ice pop makers. I love the bright and vibrant colors!

Chicken Spoon Holder


You’ll never have to fetch your spoon out of your boiling pot again with this cute chicken spoon holder. Simply rest the handle of your utensil right inside the holder and then rest it on the edge of the pan.

Seahorse Tea Infuser


Have a little underwater fun during tea time with this seahorse tea infuser. If you love marine animals, or know someone who does, this is a must for the kitchen!

Hedgehog Cheese Grater


I seriously want to grate some cheese and make a salad right now after seeing this hedgehog grater! I imagine this little guy looks adorable just sitting in your kitchen when you’re not using it.

Gorilla Whisk


And now, I want to bake a cake using this gorilla whisk to whip up the mix. Seriously, how could you be in a bad mood using a whisk with a gorilla inside it in the kitchen?

PACMAN Ice Cube Molds

Pacman ice cube tray

So this ice cube tray is a little bit modern with a classic twist. If you are old enough to remember PACMAN, you will know the coolness of having these ice shapes in your drink!

Parrot Corkscrew


Imagine opening a bottle of wine for you and your friends with this colorful parrot corkscrew. When it comes to kitchen gift ideas, this is definitely a conversation starter!

Modern Salt and Pepper Shakers


I am not sure how well to describe these cool salt and pepper shakers . . . other than to say they look like aliens. But they are pretty awesome! The feet are magnetic, so you can hang them on the stand every which way for decoration.

Dropp! Fruit Bowl


This purple bowl is the perfect “splash of color” you need in your kitchen. It’s like a large paint drop, with room to store your apples and bananas inside. Too cool!

Bubble Gum Fridge Magnets


Okay, so these are cool and gross all at the same time. You can decorate your refrigerator with the colorful replicas of someone’s chewed up bubble gum.

You might not want to use these if you have kids in your home – you may end up with the real thing stuck on the fridge too!

Veg-Hog Veggie Brush


Your veggies will always be clean and ready to eat with this Veg-hog veggie brush. Just sitting it on the sink will make your kitchen a little more fun and modern.

Diabolix Bottle Opener


Pop a top with this fun, ghoulish bottle opener that reminds me of a happy ghost smiling at you. The body of the opener curves so you can easily grip it to open your bottles.

What are your favorite kitchen gift ideas? Let me know in the comments! I’d also love for you to check out these other kitchen related posts:

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