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Make a Glittery Halloween Marquee in Minutes

Use black Glitter Duck Tape to decorate this fun skull marquee for Halloween! This Halloween marquee is perfect for mantel decor or a  party decoration. So easy to make!

Glittery Halloween Skull Marquee in Minutes

I’ve been REALLY good about using items in my stash this year. Because I have a lot of cool Halloween surfaces I’ve never used – this skull marquee being one of them!

This is one of those Heidi Swapp goodies I stowed away with big plans, but alas, my plans went awry. This year I decided to make it the skull marquee of my dreams to go with my DIY Halloween decor, and I did it with Glitter Duck Tape!

I adore Glitter Duck Tape. It’s really really glittery. And the best part about it is that the glitter doesn’t flake off! It’s also seamless, at least to the naked eye.

When you put two pieces or more next to each other, it looks like a solid glitter surface. It looks really clean, and it makes my Halloween marquee look fabulous! Learn how to decorate with it using my tutorial below.

Skull Halloween Marquee

Gather These Supplies

Heidi Swapp skull marquee and glitter Duck Tape

Here are my supplies. You can still get the skull marquee in Michaels! I saw it this year. And of course, the Duck Tape is there too.

Now, on the marquee there is a paper insert that you can decorate that comes with the product. Pull it out before the next step.

Painting the marquee with black acrylic paint

Use black acrylic paint to coat the sides of the marquee as well as the interior. You want to coat the insides of the eyes, nose, and mouth since you’ll be able to see them if they stay white. Paint everything with a few coats and let dry.

Taping over the skull shape with black glitter duck tape

This is where the fun part begins (well, if you weren’t already having fun)! Place your insert down on your craft mat and place down strips of the Glitter Duck Tape. Get the strips as close as you can and then smooth down with your hand to secure. Cover the entire face, then peel up and flip over.

Trimming around the details with a craft knife

Use your handy dandy craft knife to cut the details out from the skull, removing the Duck Tape. It might take you a minute. I did it while watching a short reality show. Cut an “X” into the Duck Tape in all of the holes for the lights so they can easily go through.

DIY skull marquee with purple lights

Insert the paper skull into the marquee base and then insert your lights and bulbs! A string of lights with a battery pack comes with the kit, as does some bulb covers. I had purchased an additional pack of bulb covers in purple, so I used those.

Lit and unlit Halloween marquee

What do you think? It looks great both on and off!! I love my new Halloween decoration! If you enjoyed this skull Halloween project, I’d love for you to check out these other ideas: