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How to Decorate Clay Pots with Gold Leaf

Turn clay pots into pretty storage using paint and gold leaf. The saucers become lids in this unique project – you’ll love it!

Gold Leaf Clay Pots For Storage

My friend Maya and I recently went to a Pinterest event at Michaels hosted by my friend Erin at DIY on the Cheap. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I knew it was going to be fun. Hanging out with bloggers and playing with craft supplies is always a good time!

When Maya and I arrived we realized there were a few projects we could try, ranging from birdhouses to chalkboard bottles. I’ve been obsessed with gold leaf lately, and Maya had never done it, so we decided to try some clay pots. And the fun thing about these clay pots is that you use them for storage!

Yep, the saucer becomes the lid. So with a couple of wood knobs, you have some cute containers. Here’s how I made them.

Decorate Clay Pots with Gold Leaf

Gather These Supplies

  • Clay pots and saucers (turn them over and check to make sure they fit as lids)
  • Gold leaf sheets and adhesive
  • Acrylic paint – colors of your choice. I used white, aqua and teal
  • Wood knobs
  • Craft glue
  • Paintbrushes, including a foam brush

The first step is to paint the pots with white. Just completely cover the pots and the saucers with paint and let dry (you can paint the inside, but you don’t need to).


This is Maya painting her pots. I was so excited that she was gold leafing for the first time!


The next step is to dry brush. If you’ve never dry brushed before, just squeeze out a little bit of paint and then dab most of it off.

Then begin brushing along the pot – you’ll see bits of paint go onto the pot, just like above. If you have never done it before, practice on a paper towel and you’ll see how it works.


Not only did I do one color, I did TWO. Ooh la la!


Next we’re going to do the gold leafing. The first step in gold leafing is to paint on the adhesive. Paint it on in a medium layer and let it set for 30 – 45 minutes. You’ll know when it’s tacky – it gets pretty sticky. You don’t want to get it all over your fingers because it’s hard to get off.


The next step seems difficult, but isn’t once you get used to it. Pull out a gold leaf sheet. They are fragile, so handle carefully. Lay down onto the tacky pot surface and press down (I use a foam brush).

You’ll see the leafing start to stick, and you can pull away the excess. Place the excess on other adhesive areas, and brush.

The gold leafing blends together nicely – you can actually go over some areas with more adhesive if you need to. Brush the excess gold leaf bits into the garbage can.


Paint the knobs white and glue onto the top to finish.

Gold Leaf Clay Pots For Storage

And that’s all there is to it! My gold leafed clay pot storage is done. You can gold leaf in any pattern, so that it’s patchy or even . . . it’s up to you. It makes a fun distressed look. What do you think – would you try gold leaf?

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