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Hair Dryer Uses to Impress Your Friends

A hair dryer is such a handy tool – and not just for drying hair! You’re going to love these genius hair dryer uses. Which is your favorite?

Hair dryer uses to impress your friends

If I think about it, there aren’t a lot of beauty tools I use daily. I don’t even wear makeup that much, and my hair is board straight! In terms of my daily routine, there’s one thing that’s important to me: my hair dryer.

There are a few items where I’ll splurge for quality, and my hair dryer is one of them. Another example is an iron . . . I need one that works and works well.

After seeing this Wirecutter review (I use them for everything), I bought a Dyson supersonic. Which makes this sound like an advertisement, but it’s not – it’s really just to show you that I truly am serious about my hair dryer.

It also emphasizes the entire point of this post which is alternative uses for a hair dryer – besides just drying hair. If you’re going to buy an expensive hair dryer like me, it makes sense that you want some additional hair dryer uses so you can justify your purchase.

Hair Dryer Hacks

Hair Dryer Uses

I’ve pulled together a list of 10 things you can do with a hair dryer besides drying hair! Some of these are probably common sense or you may already know them – but there’s a good chance you’ve never heard of them too!

I’d love to see if you’ve heard of these hair dryer hacks before. There are quite a few here . . . all of them practical. Read through the list and let me know your other uses in the comments!

Remove Price Tags or Adhesive Labels

Remove glass jar labels with a hair dryer

If you want to remove a price tag from a gift without having all the stickiness left over, use a hair dryer! The heat will melt the glue so the sticker comes off without any residue.

A hair dryer is one of the best non-toxic methods of removing adhesive from glass (check out some other non-toxic methods here).

Dry Your Toiletries

Toiletries in a travel kit

Before packing your suitcase for a trip, use your hair dryer to dry your loofah or toothbrush. This works for all sorts of items that get soggy, including wash cloths.

Drying them ensures you don’t store your stuff in wet and risk any damage to other items. Plus, it prevents yucky mold or mildew.

Remove Candle Wax

Hair dryer uses - removing candle wax

Heat is an easy way to remove candle wax off a sofa or chair. Aim the hair dryer at the spill until the wax is softened. Remove the big chunks and keep heating the area.

Wipe off the wax with a clean, wet cloth. You can also use this method to clean wax off candlesticks or votive holders.

Speed Up Defrosting Time

Defrost meat with a hair dryer

If you forgot to take out something frozen for dinner, it’s your hair dryer to the rescue! Focus the heat on the frozen meat or dish to shorten the time it takes to defrost your food.

Loosen a Bandage

Bandaid being removed with a heart shaped blood spot

It’s no fun to rip a Band-Aid off your skin. Heating the bandage for a couple seconds with a hair dryer will loosen the adhesive. Talk about a pain free removal!

De-Fog the Mirror

Drawing a heart in a foggy window with a finger

If you steamed up the bathroom mirror during a hot shower, you may have left the mirror fogged up. It’s difficult to get ready when you can’t see yourself. Point your hair dryer at the mirror for a couple minutes to remove the fog.

Remove Crayons from the Wall

Child holding Crayola crayons

Your 3-year-old’s doodles are no doubt precious, but they aren’t something you want directly scribbled onto your wall!

Using a hair dryer on crayon works similar to the candles. Since crayons are wax, the hot air will melt the crayon marks so they can be easily wiped off.

Better Glasses Fit

eyeglass frames at the store

If your eyeglasses or sunglasses feel a little too loose when you put them on, use the heat from a hair dryer to achieve a better fit. Simply heat up the ends of the pad arms or temples and mold them get a better fit to your head. Just be careful not to break them!

Scoop Your Ice Cream Easier

Ice cream cones

If you have trouble getting rock solid ice cream out of the container, this trick is for you! Use your hair dryer on low to gently melt the ice cream until it’s easy to scoop.

Dust Your Keyboard


Anyone that does a lot of typing will appreciate this hack! Use a hair dryer on a low, cool setting to blow the crumbs and dust out of your keyboard.

This will allow it to work better, so you don’t have to bang the keys to get the letters you want.

You’ll never know when you can use it for one of these genius hacks. Let us know if you have any hair dryer tips in the comments!

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