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Last Minute Neighbor Gift Idea (with Free Printable!)

If you are looking for a last minute neighbor gift idea for Christmas, or a “just because” holiday hostess gift, this body wash idea is cute! Add the free printable tags. These Christmas gifts for neighbors take about a minute to assemble!

Last Minute Neighbor Gift Idea (with Free Printable!)

I just moved into a newly built neighborhood and have been thinking about what I should pick for a neighbor gift – since everyone else around me is also new.

I don’t know a lot about my new neighbors, but I do know one thing: they like colorful doors. Hilarious, right? We jumped on the colorful door train with a bright orange door – this was after noticing that two neighbors had red and lime green doors.

After that a few other houses got bright doors, and there’s even a vibrant aqua. I’m thinking, “this is going to be a fun group, so the neighbor gift I choose has to be fun too.”

I decided to give them delicious smelling body with colorful tags (with fun sayings) that I designed just for this purpose.

This is perfect for last minute neighbor gifts since it doesn’t take long to assemble at all!

Last Minute Gift Ideas for Neighbors

Last Minute Gift Ideas for Neighbors

For the neighbor gift, I wanted to choose something that everyone would like. I got these Softsoap limited edition body washes in the mail, and they smell AMAZING!

There are two scents – Frosted Wish (cherry) and Iced Kiss (peppermint). All you’ll need besides that is some baker’s twine and my free printables:

Soap gift tags for neighbors


All you’re going to do is cut about an 8″ length of the baker’s twine with a pair of scissors. Print out the tag printables, then cut out and punch a hole in one corner

Tie the tag into an open loop. Open the lid and close it down over the loop. Yes – you’re done! You assembled an awesome smelling neighbor gift in about a minute flat.

And I promise you, it’s going to be a neighbor gift that anyone will love. I feel like the Softsoap Iced Kiss is good for a dude and the Frosted Wish is perfect for a gal, but honestly either one works for any gender or age. If you try this gift idea, let me know in the comments.

If you want some additional warm and merry neighbor gifts, click the image below!

Trying to figure out some great DIY ideas for Christmas neighbor gifts? This warm and and merry cup with a free printable sleeve can be filled with anything! Great for saying "thank you" or to welcome a new family to the neighborhood.

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