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Make a DIY Instagram Wreath in Minutes

Are you obsessed with Instagram? If you have tons of photos like I do, get them off your camera and turn them into a cute DIY photo wreath!

DIY Instagram wreath

If you’re like me, you are probably obsessed with Instagram. My husband and I love taking photos. In fact, we are part of a photo-loving family where at parties almost everyone has a phone or a Nikon camera hanging around their neck. It’s just who we are.

Instagram Wreath_3

Creating this cute little DIY Instagram wreath was a snap. It was the perfect project to highlight some of the best memories I shared online. Now I can see it in my living room and smile, reminiscing about the memories. You can make one too in less than 15 minutes.

Make a Photo Wreath

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • 10 printed Instagram photos (There are lots of online options for this, or print them at home. Each image is roughly about 2.5 x 2.5 inches.)
  • A medium size piece of cardboard
  • Embroidery hoops or compass
  • Piece of ribbon
  • Scissors
  • Tape
Instagram Wreath_4

Take the piece of cardboard and lay it flat. You’ll want to create a nice even circle for the wreath. I used a 7″ hoop and traced the outside with a pencil.

Instagram Wreath_5

Then I placed a 6″ hoop within that line, centered it, and traced the inside edge.

Instagram Wreath_6

Using the scissors, cut along the traced lines. This is how you want the cardboard to look when finished.

Instagram Wreath_7

Next, take the ribbon and tie it to the top of the cardboard.

Instagram Wreath_8

Then fold pieces of tape over and stick them on the back of your printed Instagram photos.

Arrange them on the cardboard, turning them slightly to make sure the cardboard is hidden. I like using tape because it’s easier to switch out different photos over time.

Make a DIY Instagram wreath

You’re done! Hang it up and let the awesomeness take over. I found myself staring at my Instagram profile so much because the photos were like a little journal. Now I have a cute wreath for my home displaying them!

This would be adorable in a nursery showcasing milestones or hanging in a workspace instead of the usual tacked up school pictures. You could also try making a mini wreath for each month and having a gallery wall to highlight the entire year.

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