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Ugly Christmas Sweater Jewelry You Can Make

Create some unique jewelry to go along with your ugly Christmas sweater! This candy bracelet and ring was made with holiday miniatures. So easy to make!

Ugly sweater Christmas jewelry

So, not to brag, but I had an ugly Christmas sweater party in 2007. I have the pictures to prove it! Not that it really matters when the first one was – all that really matters is that they are still around, and they are hilarious and fun!

If you haven’t been to an ugly sweater party, you’re missing out, and it’s time to find one and go.

You’ll obviously need an ugly Christmas sweater, but you’re going to want some accessories too. I promise you – something like a bracelet and a ring can compliment the outfit. If there’s a prize for the best ugly Christmas sweater, let’s just say that 9 times out of 10 these pieces can guarantee a win.

They are so easy to make with little Christmas miniatures purchase at Michaels stores. Here’s how I made them.

Ugly Christmas Sweater Jewelry

Gather These Supplies

Miniature Christmas treats - a plate of cookies, container of chocolates, and tray of baked goods

These are the little minis I started with. I bought six total – two cookie plates, two cookie trays, and two boxes of candy. They are VERY lightweight.

Beadalon silver bails glued to the back of Christmas charms

Use Beadalon bails and glue them to the back using the jewelry glue. I also had to glue the candy containers into their lids. I let everything dry for several hours.

Plated Silver elegance 4mm jump rings and 7in silver bracelet

These are the items you’ll use to attach your charms to the bracelet. Except don’t make the mistake I made!! I bought the correct bracelet but purchase CLOSED jump rings. Make sure to get the open ones! Luckily I had some leftover from another project.

attaching charms using jewelry pliers

Once the charms are dry, open a jump ring with jewelry pliers and place it onto the bracelet. You may want to lay out beforehand so that you know where the charms should go. Then close the jump ring with the pliers! Continue until all charms are on the bracelet.

Ugly jewelry for Christmas

Look at how fun my bracelet is!

Gluing a ring blank to the bottom of a gingerbread house

Making the ring could be easier. Simply grab a gingerbread house miniature and then a ring blank. Glue the gingerbread house on top with jewelry glue.

gingerbread house ring

And you have a fancy little ring! Adjust it to fit.

Ugly sweater Christmas jewelry

You are so ready for your ugly sweater party! You won’t imagine the compliments you are going to get.

Close up of a DIY Christmas bracelet

Because the bracelet is truly “stunning.”

Gingerbread house ring for Christmas

And the ring is cute too. Together, they are fabulous. Enjoy your ugly Christmas sweater party!

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