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Modern Outdoor Furniture You’ll Need On Your Patio

If you are looking for modern outdoor furniture, this is a great collection. It includes affordable and bold items you’ll love to have on your patio!

If you are looking for modern outdoor furniture, this is a great collection. It includes affordable and bold items you'll love to have on your patio!

I’m obsessed with anything modern – it’s my absolute favorite style of furniture. With summer here, I’m looking at changing out my more vintage-y style outdoor furniture for some modern outdoor furniture.

I’ve been searching for items with bold colors, clean lines . . . and even interesting textures that are current when it comes to design.

If modern outdoor furniture fits your style too, take a peek at these items I’ve pulled together to decorate my porch. I’m really excited to buy something new from this collection, I just don’t know what to get.

I’m definitely leaning toward those green chairs! I’d take all of it, actually. Let me know which ones are your favorites!

Brown Indoor Outdoor Stackable Chairs with Round Back | Modern Outdoor Furniture

These are very cool brown plastic wicker chairs. They can go indoors or outdoors and they are stackable. I love how they pair well with everything.

Crema Outdoor Conversation Wicker Set via Overstock: | Modern Outdoor Furniture

I love the look of this gray conversation set. Add a few pops of color and you are done!

Orange Outdoor Side Table | Favorite Modern Outdoor Decor

Speaking of pops of color, this orange occasional table will bring the fun to your deck or patio.

Indoor Outdoor Metal Barstool Set | Modern Outdoor Furniture

Need a simple bar set for a small patio or balcony? This black metal is made for indoors or outdoors and I love it!

Modern Outdoor Bench With Table | Modern Outdoor Furniture

Weathered can also be modern. I love this traditional set with a modern twist, the side arms are my favorite.

Modern Flora Clear Plastic Chairs | Modern Outdoor Furniture

Plastic chairs have never been so cool. These Clear Flora Plastic Stackable Chairs are awesome. They also come in a few other colors, too!

Sky Blue Bench | Favorite Modern Outdoor Furniture

With a wash of sky blue, this modern outdoor bench has the best design. Love those legs!

Black and White Patio Umbrella | Favorite Modern Outdoor Furniture

Make a bold statement with this black and white patio umbrella. It really can add so much to your space.

Green Mod Made Branch Chairs | Favorite Modern Outdoor Furniture

Avocado green plastic branch chairs are so fun and I love the scooped seat. They are almost like a papasan . . . almost!

White Garden Stool | Favorite Modern Outdoor Furniture

Finally, I love this garden stool and the texture it would bring to an outdoor space.

Now let me know in the comments – which are your favorite modern outdoor furniture items from above? I’d also love for you to visit these other posts:

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Creative Furniture

Wednesday 22nd of June 2016

Fabulous design and creativity! Loved all the design for the modern outdoor furniture. For a summer it will be just right. Specially the green plastic branch chairs, will add the natural look to the garden area. Also the modern outdoor bench can be use when you are planing for some barbecue party or something like that.

David Hawkins

Wednesday 8th of June 2016

I really love all these ideas for outdoor furniture. The metal framed couch would actually go really well in my yard and the colors would match my already existing decor. I'll have to find a place that sells this or something similar and see if it will work in my yard as well as I think it will. Thanks for the list!