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Say Goodbye to Last Year Printables: Bye Felicia

Are you happy to say goodbye to the year? Grab this collection of New Years printables and say “bye Felicia” to the year in style!

Note: I originally wrote this post in 2016 – so the text below is from that year. However, the images and printables have been updated to say goodbye to 2020!

2020 bye felicia

I’m going to be honest – I’m ready to say goodbye to 2016. I hate complaining because I feel that I have it pretty good generally speaking. But like everyone else, I have problems that aren’t obvious as a blogger.

That’s why we created these “Bye Felicia” New Years printables! If your year wasn’t the greatest . . . or even if you’re just ready to say goodbye to the year, these are for you!

Just to give you a little behind the scenes on my life, the 2016 garbage began for me at the end of last year. I got surgery in October of last year on my foot and finally got off the crutches in December, but that’s when the painful recovery finally began.

Bye Felicia!

I lost a client in December because they closed their doors – a big client! While I was able to find additional work, it was scary . . . and then 2016 started. I had to put my pug of 13.5 years down in January on the 14th, and that was HARD.

The year didn’t exactly start off right, and I just didn’t feel good. I’ve had hormonal problems for years and felt even worse this year. I was finally diagnosed with adrenal fatigue and low progesterone a few months ago.

Add a passing of a close family member and then my father had a heart attack . . . and it’s been rough. I’m SO ready for 2017 to start. How about you??

What Does Bye Felicia Mean?

One of the #1 questions I get asked is, “what does ‘Bye Felicia’ mean?” It’s actually from the 1995 movie Friday and you can learn more (and see the famous scene) here. Once you start saying it, you’ll be saying it all the time! In fact, it could be your mantra for the year. I won’t blame you.

Are you ready to grab these “Bye Felicia” New Years printables? We’ve got three colorways – the aqua blue with streamers you see above in the first photo. Then we also have . . .

2020 goodbye felicia

Polka dots and balloons . . .

2020 Bye Felicia

and colorful fireworks!

Are you ready to grab your printables? Simply click on the link below to download all three! Just print the page you like:

Download the printables here

young jude

Friday 30th of December 2016

I have a good friend, a woman of color, who named her daughter, "Felisha". I never thought it was unusual, until I read the comments here. Perhaps, "Felisha" is an ethnic spelling of the name as opposed to "Felicia", a spelling much more common and therefore more recognizable to people. I'm going to ask my friend, Iris, why she chose the spelling she did for her Felisha, she wouldn't be offended in the least. Unlike some other women of color, she wears her beautiful ebony skin and heritage with great pride.


Friday 30th of December 2016

Love it! Interesting tidbit- it was spelled "Felisha" in the movie "Friday". ;)


Friday 30th of December 2016

That's TRUE! I wonder why the hashtag went to #byefelicia? Hmmmm . . . :D


Wednesday 28th of December 2016

Thank you for putting "Bye Felicia" in context, and I hope 2017 goes one heck of a lot better for you and your family!