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Organize Your Kitchen with These 20+ Brilliant DIYs

If you suffer from small space-osis in the kitchen like I do, you’ll love these 20+ ideas to organize your kitchen with ease.

Organize Your Kitchen with these brilliant DIY project

I don’t have a lot of storage in my kitchen. Let’s face it – I don’t have a ton of storage in my entire apartment. I have to be really smart about how I organize everything.

Unfortunately I’m not smart enough to come up with really great ideas for organization on my own (it’s not one of my strong areas), so I have to rely on other smart people who know exactly what they are doing when it comes to setting up a space efficiently.

I found 20+ ideas to organize your kitchen – and by “your” I mean “mine.” But seriously, some of these DIYs are genius, and I think you will appreciate them as well. Scroll down to organize your kitchen!

Once you’ve had a chance to look over them, let me know your secrets to kitchen organization in the comments. I’d love to hear them. I can always use the help . . .

PS – if you’re cleaning while you’re organizing (which I usually do), check out our list of homemade cleaners! They might come in handy.

Organize Your Kitchen

Get the most out of your storage space with these 20+ kitchen organization ideas. You've probably never thought of a lot of these before!

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