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Unique Painted Wood Easter Eggs with Gold Leaf

These painted wood Easter eggs are a unique way to decorate for the holiday – add bright colors and gold leaf. Use real Easter eggs or faux!

Unique Painted Easter Eggs with Gold Leaf

So last year I completely gold leafed eggs in various colors, and then I also gold leafed candlesticks in a sort of patchy way, with paint.

I decided to combine them together to make some decorative eggs for Easter . . . so introducing, gold leafed and painted Easter eggs!

I really kind of like them and think they look interesting. They may not be everyone’s bag, but hey, they were fun to make. Here’s how I did them.

Paint Easter Eggs with Gold Leaf

Gather These Supplies

  • Wood eggs with a smooth bottom (so they can stand)
  • Acrylic paint – colors of your choice
  • Gold leaf adhesive size – this is the glue that holds on the “leaf.” I like Speedball
  • Gold leaf sheets – these come in a pack of around 25 sheets, and in different colors. I also like Speedball brand
  • Paintbrush
Painting a wood Easter egg with blue acrylic paint

You’ll start by painting eggs with whatever colors you like. I picked blues of course – they are my fave.

Painting a wood Easter egg with aqua acrylic paint

You won’t believe how relaxing it is to paint eggs. You could just sit there all day. Painting eggs.

Blue painted wood Easter eggs

And then they look so pretty when complete.

Add gold leaf sizing to a painted wood Easter egg

Like any professional gold leafer, you’ll paint adhesive size on the surface of the egg where you want the leafing to go. Then you’ll wait the time indicated on the bottle (mine was 30 minutes).

Add gold leaf to a painted wood Easter egg

When that’s done, you simply tear off some gold leaf and place it on the surface, and use the brush to tap it down. You can brush away the excess. Repeat with all of your eggs!

Unique Painted Easter Eggs with Gold Leaf

And that’s it! Now you’ve painted wood Easter eggs, so cross that off of your bucket list. I’d love to know what other ways you decorate Easter eggs? Let me know your favorites in the comments! I’d also love for you to check out these other related ideas: