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How to Make a Snowman Wreath in a Few Easy Steps

Learn how to make a snowman wreath in just a few easy steps! This is simple enough for kids, but adults will also enjoy this winter craft idea.

DIY snowman wreath

When the holidays are over, it’s still fun to craft, especially with the kids. It’s winter, and everyone is home from school and inside – they need something to do. I’ve been doing lots of winter crafts for kids with my niece, and this last week we tried one with paper.

This cool snowman wreath is the perfect solution, and it won’t melt, even on warm afternoons! Isn’t it such a cute paper craft? It’s really easy and all ages can try it as a Christmas craft for kids . . . from toddlers to preschool age and older.

It makes a great winter activity for preschoolers in the classroom, too. All you need are a few supplies beyond paper and glue and you are good to go. Learn how to make a snowman wreath below.

How to Make a Snowman Wreath

Gather These Supplies

  • 18″ wreath form – wood or you can cut from cardboard
  • White cardstock
  • Black cardstock
  • Orange cardstock
  • Scrapbook pattern – small piece of patterned for the hat
  • Tacky glue
  • Scissors
  • Circle punches (optional)


Using circle punches or scissors, cut about five dozen 2-inch circles from white cardstock.

For the eyes and mouth, cut two 2-inch and seven 1½-inch circles from black cardstock.

With tacky glue, cover an 18-inch-diameter wood wreath form with the white circles (start at the outer edge, gluing the circles so they overhang a bit).

Roll an 8-inch square of orange cardstock into a narrow cone. Glue on the eyes, nose, and mouth.

Add a paper hat as shown.

Hang on a door (out of the elements) using a command strip. You can use a sealer so that it can be outside, but it’s probably best if this project is indoor only!

DIY snowman wreath

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