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Pumpkin Desserts: 50 Amazing Recipes to Celebrate Fall

Fall, or pumpkin season, is coming up soon. Below you will find 50 pumpkin desserts to get you in the mood for fall and cooler weather!

Pumpkin Desserts - 50 Recipes to Enjoy this Fall

As the weather starts to cool and leaves begin to fall, hungry minds begin to think about comfort food. This hungry mind has been thinking about pumpkin desserts in particular. Pumpkin can be used for so much more than pumpkin pie or pumpkin spice lattes.

Pumpkin Dessert Recipes

I’ll be honest, more than any other fruit or non-fruit, these are my favorite recipes for autumn. I just can’t get enough. I’m really excited to share all of our recipes here on the blog, because there are a whole buncha good ones!

What desserts can you make using pumpkin?

This large orange gourd is a great ingredient in baked goods since it can replace butter or oil and really gives you a moist and delicious dessert. Think brownies, cakes, cookies, muffins, etc. It can also be used in puddings, ice cream, fudge—really any dessert you can think of can benefit from pumpkin as an ingredient.

What flavors go well with pumpkin?

Most people think of pumpkin spice when they think of pumpkin desserts. However, there are many other flavors that pair well with pumpkin. The recipes I’ve collected for you here, include ingredients like pecans, maple syrup, apples, butterscotch, cranberries, cream cheese and even chai! I invite you to take a look at this amazing list of pumpkin desserts and discover some new fall favorite recipes.

Pumpkin Desserts

There are 50 pumpkin desserts here. From cake to brownies to custard and even a milkshake! You are sure to find at least one pumpkin recipe you want to make right now.

If you enjoyed this dessert post, I’d love for you to check out these other ideas for fall!