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Star Wars Gifts You’ll Actually Want to Use

This is collection of Star Wars gifts that you’ll actually use! Get great suggestions for wearables along with other fun ideas for the super fan.

This is collection of Star Wars gifts that you'll actually use! Get great suggestions for wearables along with other fun ideas for the super fan.

I might not be the biggest Star Wars fan ever (choking as I say that), however, I’ve been a fan for a long time. I remember in the eighth grade, my mom bought me statuettes of all of the characters for Christmas.

They were about 12″ high and I displayed them in my room. The only thing about receiving those kind of Star Wars gifts is that when I moved out, I had to ditch them.

I moved away to college and I had no storage, and my parents didn’t want to store them for me. I might only have the R2 unit left, and that’s because he was short!

Star Wars Gifts

Anyway, my point is that I tend to like more useful Star Wars gifts these days. So that I either wear them out from the love or I can take them with me wherever I go (like shoes on my feet).

It makes celebrating my love of Star Wars much more fun, along with more visible to the general public. Here are some gifts I think are great if you’re looking for something for the Star Wars fan in your life.

I own most of these; I’ll let you guess which ones!

Star Wars Darth Vader Toaster | Star Wars Gifts for Adults

This Darth Vader toaster has all the features of a regular toaster, except it’s obviously the head of Luke’s father as opposed to a rectangular box. AND it browns the Star Wars logo into your bread.

Kith and Annakin Graphic T Shirt | Star Wars Gifts for Adults

How about his Kith and Annakin graphic t-shirt? I love how feminine it is and it is so pretty!

R2D2 Car Charger | Star Wars Gifts for Adults

R2-D2 can do everything, so it’s no surprise that he can charge your phone too! This R2-D2 car charger can actually has a rotating head and light up eye – so you almost feel like you are driving the Millennium Falcon . . . almost.

Dark Side of the Swoon Bag | Star Wars Gift Ideas for Adults

Get your fashion fix and Star Wars fan fix all in one with this Dark Side of the Swoon handbag. You will definitely be using the force with this one!

Star Wars Vans | Star Wars Gifts People Will Actually Use

I actually own these awesome Vans original slip ons with the movie poster graphics – and I get compliments on them all the time. There are other Star Wars Vans too, but this pair is my favorite.

Death Star Wooden Cutting Board | Star Wars Gifts You'll Actually Want to Use

Only vegetables should be afraid when you use this Death Star wooden cutting board. Cucumbers beware!

Wampa Rug | Star Wars Gifts You'll Actually Want

This rug is a “bear rug” wampa style – and I love it. I don’t know if you remember, but Luke had to fight a wampa in the mountain caves of Hoth . . . the wampa lost an arm. This rug, however, has both arms in tact.

Star Wars Cookie Cutters | Star Wars Gifts You'll Actually Want

I have all of the Star Wars cookie cutter sets that you can buy (and there are several different themes). The best part is that the power of the force is in your hands, so you can color Darth Vader’s head with purple icing if you want to!

Star Wars Salt and Pepper Shakers | Star Wars Gifts You Actually Will Want

I don’t know if you prefer the dark side of the force, but that’s where these salt and pepper shakers are from. In fact, I heard that these originated in the Death Star’s dining hall.

Star Wars Measuring Cups | Star Wars Gifts You'll Actually Want

Can you measure something with coolness? You can with this set of  R2D2 measuring cups!

Star Wars X Wing Knife Block | Star Wars Gifts You'll Actually Want

A regular knife block is WAY boring in comparison to this X-wing knife block! It includes five knives, has the logo on the base, and is easy to clean.

Darth Vader Hoodie | Star Wars Gifts You'll Actually Want

I was thrilled when I saw this Star Wars hoodie; not only does it act as a regular sweatshirt, but you can zip the hood over your face as a costume and see through the eye holes! Comes in Boba Fett and a stormtrooper style, too.

Star Wars Wheeled Luggage | Star Wars Gifts You'll Actually Want

If your biggest fear is losing your luggage, there’s no worry with this R2-D2 luggage on wheels. Show everyone in the airport that you are a true superfan!

Star Wars Jedi Dressing Gown Bathrobe | Star Wars Gifts You'll Actually Want

Relax in this Jedi dressing gown bathrobe and be ready for all of the Jedi training you need!

storm trooper throw pillow

I actually think this storm trooper throw pillow is pretty chic! It’s a printed version of original collage art.

Now it’s your turn. Which of these Star Wars gifts do you own – or which have you bought for your favorite Star Wars fan?

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