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Easy Oreo Pops for Unique Valentine’s Day Gifts

These Oreo pops are such a cute Valentine’s Day gift! Add emoji art on the front using your Cricut for a #happyvalentinesday!

Easy Oreo pops with an emoji theme for Valentine's Day

Very recently I FINALLY decided to unbox my Cricut for the first time. Honestly I was terrified of it. Which now I realize was completely ridiculous – that Cricut is the easiest machine to use ever!

I wish I would’ve opened it way earlier. Because then I would’ve made these Oreo pops last Valentine’s Day instead of this one!

The idea for these Oreo pops came when I spotted some Rob & Bob Emoji art in the Cricut design studio. I knew that I wanted to use this artwork in a Valentine’s Day gift (plus it was cute! Really cute!).

DIY Oreo Pops

Gather These Supplies

For the emoji:

For the Oreo pops:

  • Golden Oreos – Double Stuffed
  • Wilton Candy Melts – red
  • Wilton Chocolate & Candy Melts Melting Pot – optional, but I love this thing!
  • Pink decorative food sugar
  • Clear treat bags and twists
  • Lollipop sticks

Cutting with your Cricut couldn’t be easier. All you need to do (for all the projects) is click “Make it Now” in the bottom corner of the Design Space from the project page and then it’s going to show you what colors to load and when.

You’ll have to have one of the fancy Cricut pens too if you want to make the #Happy Valentine’s Day gray tags. Did I mention I love the Cricut pen?

Even more fascinating than watching the Cricut cut is watching it draw! Once everything’s cut out/drawn, you’re going to assemble it and set your emoji aside.

Then you’re going to heat up your candy melts according to the package instructions.

Dipping Golden Oreos into red candy melts

Let me tell you how I made the Oreo pops since it’s not that easy. It’s not hard necessarily, but there are tricks. First of all, use the thinner lollipop sticks as opposed to the thicker ones that I used.

I broke a few Oreos and thinner sticks would avoid that! Slowly slide the stick into the Oreo between the layers, keeping to one side so you don’t pop the top off and break it. But hey, if you break any . . . you just eat them!

Another tip: don’t swirl the Oreo pops around in the candy melts. Dip one side, and turn over and dip the other side, then pull out. Otherwise the candy melts “take hold” of your cookie and pull it in, right off the stick. Place on wax paper and sprinkle sugar on the top. Let cool.

Once your Oreo pops are cool, place them inside clear candy bags and attach a twist at the bottom.

Use Elmer's glue to adhere a tag

Then add a piece of double stick tape and attach your emoji. I noticed that the part of the Oreo pop touching the wax paper wasn’t that great, so that’s the part I placed to the inside. The candy sugar was facing outside. Then I added the #Happy Valentine’s Day tags to the sticks with glue.

Easy Oreo pops with an emoji theme for Valentine's Day

And that’s all it takes! Your Valentine’s Day gift Oreo pops are ready to go. Hand them out to neighbors, or at work, or in your kids’ class (if treats are allowed of course). Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Saturday 3rd of February 2024

I can’t find these emoji templates in design space!! Can you help? :)


Monday 5th of February 2024

So unfortunately it looks like Rob & Bob Studio discontinued these emojis - but look up "emoji hearts" in Design Space. I just did and there are some cute ones! You can also try to upload images of real emojis and have it cut them. :)