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These Watermelon Crafts Are Perfect for Summer

Watermelon makes me think of summer! Get creative with one of these 12 inspirational watermelon crafts – so fun and festive!

These watermelon crafts are perfect for summer

I have to admit, I don’t really love watermelon (the actual fruit). I just don’t enjoy the taste! But that doesn’t mean I don’t love watermelon in other ways

There’s something about the red and green with little black seeds that makes the cutest pattern when it comes to crafts! I squeal every time I see watermelon crafts, and my guess is if you are reading this post that you do too.

Watermelon DIY Projects

I’ve got 12 of the cutest projects ever that will get you inspired, and you’ll be green/red/black dot painting things in no time. Ready to see the best watermelon crafts ever? Just scroll down!

1. DIY Watermelon Bowl

DIY watermelon bowl

The watermelon pattern on the outside of the fruit is actually hard to get right, but Allison nailed it.

2. Watermelon Tote Bag

DIY watermelon bag dyed canvas

I love that you don’t have to be accurate with dyeing to be successful at this tote (b/c I’m not the best dye-er in the world).

3. Painted Watermelon Box

Painted watermelon box

This craft is pretty brilliant, and all you need is a wood box and some paint.

4. Watermelon Mason Jar

DIY watermelon mason jar

Even mason jars can get a watermelon makeover – and Angie has the video how-to.

5. Watermelon Dip Dyed Sneakers

DIY watermelon dyed sneakers shoes

Plain, white slip ons get an awesome summer makeover.

6. Watermelon Mini Cards

DIY watermelon cards for summer

I love getting handwritten notes, especially when they are on watermelon themed cardstock with cute envelopes.

7. No-Sew Watermelon Towels

No sew watermelon towels

Add a cute watermelon applique to hand towels – no sewing required.

8. Watermelon Tie Dye Shorts

DIY watermelon shorts

Watermelon shorts are easy to create with pink and green fabric dye, and I love the addition of the green tie on the opposite leg!

9. Watermelon Soap Tutorial

DIY watermelon soap

These soaps look like they might be difficult to create, but they are actually easy with the great tutorial!

10. Make a Wallet Watermelon

DIY watermelon purse

If you are looking for something that says fruit AND fashionable, make a watermelon purse out of faux leather and rhinestones.

11. Crochet Watermelon Coasters

DIY crochet watermelon coasters

If you know how to crochet, I’m jealous, because this is the coolest coaster pattern ever!

12. Wood Watermelon Decor

DIY wood watermelon decor for summer

You too can make a watermelon decoration using scrap wood and Mod Podge. Isn’t it sweet?

What do you think of these watermelon DIY projects? Let me know in the comments! Plus if you love these great summer crafts, I’ve got some other ideas for you:

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Kris Lee

Wednesday 18th of June 2014

I once bought a house that had some green striped wall paper in the kitchen. I like red and decided to decorate my kitchen in watermelon theme. It has grown now from that beginning to 3 kitchens later quite a menagerie. I have painted some wood bowls to look like watermelon as well as wood plates, one with a chip that made it look like a bite out of watermelon. Love watermelon, the fruit and the decor. Thanks for the cute ideas.


Thursday 19th of June 2014

That sounds super cute Kris! I am loving watermelon crafts these days :D