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Fantastic Acorn Crafts Perfect for Fall

Celebrate the arrival of fall with these 20+ acorn crafts – you’ll love how simple these are to do and what a festive touch they bring to your home.

A few years ago, I decided I wanted to craft with acorns. This meant that I found the biggest acorns I could find from an oak tree near me and I painted and Mod Podged them.

Acorn Crafts

Get in the fall spirit with these 20+ acorn crafts. You won't believe how great acorns can look in your home as part of your autumn decor.

Tree of Acorns This tree was original made for Christmas, but I think it’s suitable to display all year round. All you need is a paper mache cone, and you can dress this up for autumn pretty easily!

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Acorn Fall Frame Take a dollar store frame and make it perfect for fall with real acorns. This is one of the easiest acorn crafts you’ll ever do.

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Knitted Booties These fall inspired baby booties with acorn ties would make a great gift. This cute little knitting craft uses double pointed needles.

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Felt Acorn Mini Wreaths Pop the caps off of some acorns to make these colorful felt wreaths with velvet ribbon. This is a very quick and simple fall craft that will add a nice splash of color as you transition to Christmas decorations.

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Crochet Acorn Cap Find some acorns without caps? Crochet up some yarn caps for them! These would look super cute in a display bowl on a table.

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Simple Paper Garland Bring acorns into your fall decorating using scrapbook paper and baker’s twine. his color combo is one of my faves – gold, grey and linen. It looks pretty with all types of decor!

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