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Unique Star Wars Crafts That Are Out Of This World

These projects combine two of my favorite things – handmade and Star Wars. Check out these 30 Star Wars crafts that are out of this world.

    Star Wars Crafts There are a lot of DIY projects inspired by the Star Wars movies. Here are 30 of the most unique Star Wars crafts on the internet.

R2D2 Luminaries

This Star Wars craft is SO easy to make! I used dollar votives and paint pens to celebrate my love of R2D2 and create some cool luminaries.

Star Wars Christmas Tree

Learn how to make R2-D2 and C-3PO ornaments for the coolest Star Wars Christmas tree ever!

Stormtrooper Monogram Letter

This is an easy Mod Podge craft using Stormtrooper wrapping paper! You could do this with any type of Star Wars scrapbook paper.

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Homemade Soap

Make washing hands fun with these soaps made using a Star Wars JELL-O mold.

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R2-D2 Pencil Holder

Looking for a fun Star Wars craft you and the kids will love? R2-D2 is a lovable droid and definitely a Star Wars fan favorite. This pencil holder is perfect for adults or kids.

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